Saturday, October 7

Wishing It Was Autumn

This is a wallhanging I made to put on the wall downstairs in our Rumpus room. I designed this myself, & had a lot of fun making it. I used needleturn applique. It was my first attempt at a design using chequerboard, & I was happy with the result. I called it Garden Blessings- wish I had a garden with all those items in it!

Detail of the oranges & lemons
These are my pumpkins.
I have been watching with interest all the Autumn/Fall quilts being made in the northern hemisphere, & wishing we were just going into Autumn too.

I had a 'disagreement with Blogger yesterday morning.
After I posted the Autumn item, I tried repeatedly to upload pics, but no joy. So in the end I gave up in disgust, & never came back.

It is very warm today, & yesterday was humid as well. We had a visit from a friend, so that was nice- forced me to relax, & sit still for a while.

I am going to return here later today, to see how I go with the instructions, kindly sent to me by Bec of The Ladies Lounge.

My little teenage hoodlum Leo has done a further mischief this morning- I wondered why he slunk past this room, looking awfully guilty. On investigation I found he had depotted my coriander! I was not a very happy 'mother'. And he knew he had done the wrong thing.

GOM was secretly pleased I think- he said triumphantly, "I am not guilty of THAT Garden Crime.!"

As I have previously mentioned I love fresh herbs, & when we first bought this house there was a lovely lot of mint, & two healthy varieties of parsley. They were lovely to have on hand, & self seeded so there was a supply seemingly all year round. There was also a nice sage, but it was in the front garden for some reason, & that went by the by, when we completely redid the front garden, with a lot of hard labour by GOM, who did very well considering he had never been 'into' gardening before.

We had initially hired some 'Ratbag' 'landscapers'... thieving Irish Tinkers we ended up calling them! The Irish bit was no slur on the Irish as a race- it was to do with their very Irish name. A man & his 2 sons, who must have decided to call themselves "Landscapers". Didnt have a clue, & after long delays & stuff-ups, GOM dug out the misplaced concreted in support poles for the log terracing & redid it all himself. And, to his credit, he did a great job. Even had a lady stop to ask for the name of the landscaper!

But, back to the back garden & the herbs. One day while I was out, he decided to tackle 'those weeds that were growing all over the place'. Words cant explain my utter horror,- I wanted to kill him! I had to go out, so that I didnt attack him physically. I fumed & ranted, upon return .."How COULD you do that?". I managed to get calmed down & we got over that.
I replanted parsley, and started my herb garden again.

GOM has no sense of plants - they are all weeds to him. He has just uprooted some lillies I had planted, plus some geraniums, which were about to flower. I have begged & pleaded with him not to touch the garden if I am not there, to advise him. But, I guess he gets desperate for something to do, not having hobbies, or being interested in the computer.
So. sadly he has, not twice, but thrice times ripped out my lovely herbs. And now to top it all off, the dog has joined in!! I have nicknamed GOM the 'Garden Vandal' & after long periods of 'cooling off' I have even managed to laugh about some of his 'garden crimes'.

Now I will have to learn to laugh off the kitchen crimes, .... & the pantry crimes.... & the freezer rearrangements.

O well, I guess I can work through all this, goodness knows we have had some very rocky patches to deal with before, & we are still here together.


Paula said...

Your wallhanging is lovely.

I think your husband is just trying to get your undivided attention, like a naughty boy;).

h&b said...

That hanging is lovely !
Really, you are talented - I love it, you must put it up immediately !

Bugger about the herbs. Perhaps pot them as a deterrant ? I gres sage once, but wasn't partial to it.

My float said...

Methinks you need to find GOM a project. Like...building a new kitchen table. Or a mailbox. Or get him interested in writing letters to the editor. Or complaining to the Advertising Standards Board about bad ads. Or bad tv. Anything to keep him out of your domain!

I would go crazy!

keryn said...

It's a guy thing; my DH is a very, um, enthusiastic gardener. But unteachable as far as plants go I'm afraid. He's great on energetic, brawny tasks, but nothing survives his care. Sigh. If I ask him to dig a hole to pot out a 10" pot I will end up with a 3' wide crater that I have to drop stones in to find the bottom. The key is supervision.....

And my brother is driving Meredith mad by scalping the lawn down to the bare roots. God gave us patience, because he knew we'd have to deal with his finest creation (hmpphh!)

meggie said...

Loved all your comments- helpful, but probably impractical- I laughed when I read of your brother- that is just what GOM does to our lawn. In our younger years I did the mowing of the lawns, & we had nice green ones, but now we have bare brown roots what with the drought it is worse than ever.
Alice suggested he try to get a parttime position at a local Hotel- there is one quite close & 2 bottle shops, but as has now turned 70 this year--he is starting to slow down a bit.