Wednesday, October 18

Beary Grumpy

This is a photo of my favourite bear, I have made myself. I am not that keen on others I have made, in fur fabric, so perhaps I am more a country style bear lover. I used a pattern, for the bear, but cant remember where from. I dressed her myself, to my taste. She hasnt really got a name, but I suppose she is a Meggie.haha.

The following pics are some of my dolls. As you can see, I dont stick to one particular type, liked variety. This first one is Tippy- named by the sculptor- & I designed her outfit, & made up the pattern for her jumper.

This doll is Whitney, again the sculptor's name. I dressed her myself, & decorated her hat also. She sits down in our entryway, on my Grandmother's dear old Singer Treadle sewing machine, which was made in 1915, & was bought new. I learnt to sew on it, as a teenager, & made all my own clothes. It still works beautifully.

This doll is Racheal my Gypsy. I made all her clothes & jewellry myself, plus her sandals. GOM bought the guitar for me, & I really made Rachael to play it!

I am a leetle grumpy, because I have spent hours here trying to upload some pics of another doll I gave to Nice Neighbour, but Blogger just wont cooperate. Blah!
I will leave her for another day.

I stepped outside a while ago, almost choked on the heat! How freaky is this weather pattern. Two nice cool days in the high teens, & now this! Tipped to go to 34!!


Alice said...

I love you dolls and the teddy bear. You are so talented with your designs for their clothing. Do you actually make any of the dolls, or do you have them made and then dress them? They are beautiful.

What do you think of those very 'life like' baby dolls?

meggie said...

Thank you Alice,
I made the whole doll, from cleaning the greenware, firing the bisque, assembling the body, then dressing them.
I find I love all dolls, dont know why, just always have.
Because there was really no spare money, growing up, I never had many dolls, & they were quite plain.
I dont know what happened to my childhood dolls, & my mother never knew where they went.
One of my girlfriends had the most beautiful dolls, - she never liked them at all!