Tuesday, October 10

Beau, Kitty & a Quilt.

This is a Ragdoll Kitten. I am not so much a cat person, but she is not mine. A neighbour collected her for their son's partner, & they fell in love with her. Isnt she sweet? She posed here all on her own! What a showgirl.
This is neighbour's dog Beau, inspecting the new kitty. He seemed to really like her!
In fact he let her share his bed.

And this is Beautiful Beau. He is a Maltese/Shihtsu cross, & very loved!

Looking out the windows to the South, there are black ominous looking clouds rolling up the coast, but I am sure they will not amount to rain.

I seem to be getting the hang of adding Links to my blog now, & am very appreciative of the help I have recieved. Being stubborn, I wanted to persist with the one I have chosen now, but had almost decided to give up.

This is a pic of a quilt I designed myself, & I called it Autumn's Gold. I had the apple fabric for a while, & wanted to make something to show it off. I was going to use the quilt downstairs on the sofa bed, but have kept it upstairs to use. Small Grandson likes to use it for cubbies, & AA Granddaughter likes to cuddle up under it, when she is cold- or just wants to hide, as teenagers do.
With this strange Spring weather, I feel like wrapping myself in the quilt! It is not feeling very warm as yet, but am sure it will heat up.
I have promised myself some sewing today, so I had better get off this.


Judy said...

She's gourgeous!! Please tell me that she won't be alone in the household though, as they really need a brother or sister or they get very depressed. Is there another animal?? Ragdolls are like small children in that they can't be alone. We didn't realize this with our first one and he was a handful for me at home all day. He clung like glue. If they get depressed they can get very ill.

She looks just like my Noodle, her color will come as she gets older and will spread across her face and up her forehead. You might want to show them Noodles pic as a preview! I really love the brown color.

You are right that they pose so pretty. That's why they are great show cats! Hope they enjoy her, they are such loveing animals! Thanks for visiting my blog!! I love your quilt, it's a great pattern!

LBA said...

Gorgeous pics, gorgeous animals !

The only ragdoll cat I knew, was desired and desired and desired by a wife. The husband finally bowed to the pressure, and they went to the breeders to collect their cute cat.


I don't think anyone ( not even the wife ) was truely sad when it succumbed to snake bite. That cat was mental.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Hi! Thanks fro visiting! I can't wait to check out all your stuff. I love the 9-patch quilt posted here!

verniciousknids said...

The bed sharing pic is my fave...very cute!

Very apt that you've posted "Autumn's Gold"...as that's the season here in Japan right now...and it, like your quilt, is gorgeous.

Bec said...

Isn't the weather weird? Makes it a simple decision for me to stay in bed to get better!

And again, I loooove the quilt. You are SO clever!

My float said...

The quilt is gorgeous.

(I have to admit, dogs freak me out a bit these days as I seem to attract the crazy ones who want to bite me!)

But yes, these ones are cute. In photos!