Monday, October 9

Monday- I'll try not to moan.

Cant think why Monday seems a dread today. There is really no reason.

It is a windy Spring day, which started with light spits of rain from the ominous looking clouds, but they have all blown away, & it is fine again.

Small Grandson had a visit from his 'other' grandparents over the weekend, for his birthday which is next weekend. As his father will be working on the day of his birthday they decided to take this weekend to have a 'birthday BBQ' for him. He got some books clothes & toys, & he gets such pleasure out of every little item. He was so happy with his new 'undies'. They have little bugs on them, & he chose which ones he would wear to 'school', & various other 'outings'. Have to love them when they are so little & innocent, & small things make them so happy. I remember my children used to get so excited when it was time to buy winter pyjamas.

Today I thought I would post the photo of GOM's Blues Quilt.
I started making this quilt with the idea of giving it to another member of the family. I didnt have a pattern, & dont have EQ or any type of programme for designing, but I had seen a picture of a very similar looking quilt somewhere & decided to work it out for myself.

Maths is not my field either, so I just went for a 21/2" square to work from. I have the feeling the border is not quite right, but I am very happy with it, & as it was just a stash quilt, I was happy with the colours I had also.

GOM went on & on about it as I was making it, kept telling me how much he loved it. He even went so far as to tell me it was not to leave this house! (Usually, if he said that, it would definitely go!)I told our daughter I had decided to give it to him, but was not letting on to him.

I finished the binding & folded it neatly, & placed it on his side of the bed, ready for when he came home. He started to say something most uncomplimentary, then he read the label, & had to bite his toungue, as I had named it his. I am not sure why he loves it so much, as Blue is usually not his colour.

It is not really as 'wonky' at it looks, that is just the way I pinned it on the curtains to take the pic.

We really are chalk & cheese- He is Leo, & I am mostly Aquarius.


joyce said...

The blue quilt is gorgeous. I can see why he likes it so much.

h&b said...

I picked the template I am using now as it was the easier of all the blogger ones to manipulate and change to suit the individual.

Some of them ( yours perhaps ? ) are a bit harder to work out, especially when it's all new.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Glad the links are coming together.

LOOOOVE the quilts!