Wednesday, October 4


What a busy day I have had.

I must say thankyou to Alice for her set of instructions re Links. I am still trying, (Yes GOM, I am very trying!)& have now written to Judith for help.

I finally got my haircut... wish I could say it would be something nice like h & b's Gwynnie- but pudding basin sounds more like it. Never mind, it will be months before I need to return, tee hee.

I have also made a fresh Chocolate Souffle Roll, which I am about to try to fill & ice, so I can photograph it for this blog.

We had Small Grandson here this morning, & he was full of beans as usual. He decided Toast & Honey was the brekky favourite, & then he discovered I had not planted the seeds he had found, so I got a lecture. A further lecture ensued when he discovered the old broken clothes dryer is still on the wall. He said "I told you to go to the shop and buy another one! He watered my pot plants- which Hoodlum Leo has been de-potting these past few mornings, & bringing the empty pots inside to chew upon, leaving soil all over the lounge floor.

I was busy trying to work out links!!grrrrrr!!

Ok, here I am back again.
Really this is for Verniciousknids!
This is the plate I have served this cake on, ever since I got the recipe. It was given to us by the lovely French couple we bought our first house off, all those years ago. I have always loved it, because my mother's first name was Rita, & this is the name of the design of this little plate.
This does not seem to appear all that glamourous in these photos, but it does taste divine. I didnt manage to whip the cream quite as much as it needs, but.... never mind!
I am not always a measurerer- I tend to slosh & chuck, but I do measure very accurately for the cake, but tend to do my own thing in the icing stakes. My mother always had nice neat folded little butter wrappers, but I am somewhat phobic of dairy, so I dont eat or use butter. ( I confess, I dont often eat this cake either, due to the cream content!) but it is quite versatile in what you can do with it as regards filling, icing etc. I hope you enjoy it, should you try it. I am sure cream laced with Kahlua or similar adds to the cake!!! We have tried it, & yes, it is to die for!


Alice said...

Cake does look delicious (and fattening!). I grew up and worked on a dairy farm until I got married so I'm curious about your dairy phobia? Did you slip on a pound of butter, feel cheated by the holes in Swiss cheese, or have to drink school milk in the summer Of course, you are perfectly entitled to feel as you do - I'm just a stickybeak, that's all.

LBA said...

Cake looks delicious, and I love that plate !

You must have missed the puddin-bowled head of Di on my blog .. my hair was AIMING for Gywnnie only .. but it's kinda missed the mark ;)

Growing it out will give us something to agonise over for months anyway ;)

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, that looks soooo yummy....and I can't have anything with cream (any dairy products) for another week or more :( And I LOVE the server you have it on!

verniciousknids said...

Yum yum yum...thanks for posting the pics, now I really am salivating ;) And I loved the story behind the Rita plate!

meggie said...

How nice to see you all this morning! Thankyou for your kind comments.

Alice, the story behind the dairy, is just that I DETEST milk- my poor mother was unable to breast feed me, & declared I was allergic to cows milk from day one. Yes we did have to drink school milk. Left out in the sun, under a tree in hot weather. It always made me vomit, so I got a note excusing me from having to have it. I just dont like the taste of butter, so dont use it. I find even cream seems to upset my stomach, so I just abstain. I am a bit partial to cheese- in fact love it, but it is even starting to affect me. I seem to get stomach probs with that too. I may have mild lactose intolerance I guess.

Sorry H & B, I did read your blog, & forgot that the end result was Di! I am a bit shell shocked this morning to discover parts of my head almost appear shaved. Never mind, I will pretend it hasnt happened!

I have not eaten any of the cake- GOM was in 7th heaven! He asked why I was making it, & when I told him it was for the blog, he laughed. SIL can have some, but daughter & AA Granddaughter are currently on diets.

nutmeg said...

I really like that plate. I am trying not to look at the cake as it's reminding me that I haven't had any chocolate in a while. I am trying to cut down (but it does look delicious).

Paula said...

What a lovely looking cake! Now I'm wanting a piece of cake.

Hmm...I wonder if I have time to bake today?

My float said...

Oh, my, it's only breakfast time and I feel like licking the laptop screen...maybe I'll be able to get a taste of that divine looking chocolate cake.