Wednesday, October 25

Outraged Rantings

A recent horror story on the media, involving young males, & the assault & torment & torture of a Handicapped young girl, has just outraged me. They video taped the whole sickening event, and then sold the video among school peers. I feel so angry, because I dont think those callous young boys are going to be held accountable for their filthy & cruel deeds. And I dont think there is anything that will be done to make the perpetrators realise what they have done.
I dont normally think prison or corporal punishment is the answer to anything- BUT! I wish they could be publicly FLOGGED!! And filmed being flogged. And the videos made available free to anyone who wanted to watch THEIR humiliation.

I had resolved not to comment about media reported events. Having been on the receiving end of media distortion, & misquotes, I know the story we see is not necessarily the story that IS. So I will shut up now.

This is a little wall hanging I have made, which as yet, has no home. I quite like the little 'birds'. It would have been a pattern from either Patchwork & Stitching or Australian Country Threads, I think & I like to give credit to designers, but cannot find the issue it has come from.

This is a pic of my attempt at a Raggedy Annie doll,& one of my Teds, who is a very strange little fellow, isnt he?

These next pics are from Nice Neighbour, who has a gorgeous deck, with lovely cool plants all along the rails, & her lovely little gardens. Mr Nice Neighbour is a very handy Man, & has come to our rescue on many an occasion to show us what to do to make things right, & also to help GOM, with the loan of tools & valuable knowledge. Mr Nice Neighbour has also made me a nice frame for a chair for one of my dollies, & it is one of those projects waiting to be finished, to upholster the chair!
Dont you just love the Donkey Tail 'hair' around the mask!

Yesterday Mrs Nice Neighbour arrived with a huge bunch of parsley, which they have growing in abundance. What a lovely treat for me, I love to use it in almost everything! (She also knows the story of the GOM & his Garden Crimes!)

Mail to answer today, Letters from BFJ, who has been away, for a week with her HYTB (Happy Young Toy Boy partner!). They went to stay on Waiheke Island with one of HYTB's brothers & BFJ said it is lovely over there, even though the weather is not perfect this year. My BB has long wished to live permanantly on Waiheke Island. I have to confess, I have never been there!
Also a letter from my cousin, who is really looking forward to us visiting. She has a new house, so I am looking forward to seeing her 'nest'. And her gorgeous quilts 'in the flesh'!!


His Office, My Studio said...

Your little wall hanging is great, I just love it! I have a pattern somewhat like it.

molly said...

This is too weird! You're blogging from tomorrow and I'm still in today! Totally agree that public flogging should be brought back. The monkey hair with the mask is very clever--that would probably work here in Florida where everything grows..and grows......

Anonymous said...

I am now hooked on your blog, cant wait to read it each day , worse than chocolate, but more interesting old neighbor

My float said...

There is nothing that can explain the behaviour of those young boys. Nothing. They are hideous little creatures and will go on to become hideous adults.

Onto nicer topics. Another cute quilt picture! Loving it.

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie
I agree with you whole heartly
a public flogging and humanlation is what is needed it might deter others if this were to happen.
love your wall hanging,craft,and Knitting. I made that layette for my 2nd daughter.

LBA said...

The news yesterday ( and 2x other articles that made me just as sick ) actually made me take the day off in a huge funk, they depressed me so.

I wrote a blog, but deleted it for it's depressingness. Seriously :(

meggie said...

Hi Everyone! I love to get your comments, at least I know I am alive!!?

and Hi ex neighbour B! Nice to know you check in! You will have to let Mrs Nice Neighour know your next visit, & maybe you could visit the Dollies, if you would like to??

I also hope I am less fattening than chocolate??