Thursday, October 5

Overrated Meme

Well, have decided to try to do this meme.

1. Has to be Naomi Robson, as previously stated.
2. James Blunt.
3. Schoolies Weeks!! How to convince them it is overrated??
4. Retirement- but only for the GOMs. I think it is fine.
5. Detox programmes- just some greedy drug companies way of gouging money!
6. Expensive,Drastic, Plastic childrens toys- kids usually get more fun out of the boxes they came in. Sometimes the boxes last longer, too!
7. Sodding sodding Reality TV Shows! F***ing boring
8. Paris Hilton Swearing about her wont do my feelings justice!
9. Sport as a Healthy passtime, particularly for kids.
10. Yes, to Bec's Whingeback Radio!
11. Joining- what happened to encouraging children to be individuals, & be proud of it?
12. Chai- have never tried it, have no intention of EVER trying it! Hate tea, anyway.
13. Thin. I know overweight is not the best, but preoccupation with skinny is just too much.
14. Rage- letting it all hang out is surely over rated!!??

I think this is where I get out - starting to sound a tad pompous??

Ok I am still working on the Links- I may even work it out myself! But thanks to Alice, who did teach me something, even though I am an 'old dog'.

Hope your day travels well, whereever you are.

A little P. S. here from GOM on the overrated;
15. Sporting 'personalities'. YES.

I would also like to add a small rant
What is it, with these news readers on TV mispronouncing words & adding vowels that are not there???
Example; The JUBULENT Broncos returned home. WTF???


Alice said...

My small (yet BIG), favourite rant is with people who refer to the Federal or Commonwealth Government as CANBERRA. The ABC is the worst offender. There is rarely a news broadcast goes by without the newsreader saying that "...Canberra says such and such". IT DOES NO SUCH THING. Canberra is a city of 320,000 people, with it's own lousy Government, and the residents don't need to be blamed for every damn thing that the Fed. Govt. does.

LBA said...

This is bad, but:

MCDonalds Happy Meals.

I swear, $4.00 for a meal with a REALLY COOL TOY I like to play with ...

Yes, I get the overall evil, but Maccas gets a hard rap.

Yes, we sell fat. If you don't want to get fat, eat less, or get a salad, go somewhere else, whatever, we don't care !

MmMmmm Maccas ...

( "Supersize Me" made me hungry ;)

Bec said...

Lovely list- Chai! How could I forget CHAI!! Ooooh - what about that vile looking wheat grass juice?

(and yes, H&B, I have a small softish spot for the Happy Meal value, too. Plus the Sparkle Twin never finishes her nuggets so I get to pretend I'm not eating them when I really am...)

Meggie, are you still struggling with the links? Email me so I've got your address and I will send you a cut and paste from my template and you should be able to then change them to suit yourself.

My float said...

Naomi Robson, definitely. And kid's toys? I don't know why I whinge about not being able to afford a house in Sydney - if I sold half my son's toys I'd be able to finance a mansion, I'm sure.

meggie said...

Alice, agree about that strange habit of saying 'Canberra says'- never say Melbourne says or Sydney says...

Float , you need to have a garage sale! Our Street had one where a lot of us joined in. Daughter brought a lot of Small Grandson's baby things & toys- she was amazed at how much nice cash she made!

As to Maccas..not my thing at all, but I have a memory that one of the fist things SG learnt to say, was "Happymeal".

Stomper Girl said...

Hi Meggie,

This is FINE list of overrated things. You picked a whole lot of things I would pick too - especially Paris Hilton and reality shows. And YES to Alice re "Canberra" ; I grew up there and got very confused when I came to Melbourne to hear this constant reference to "Canberra"!
Thanks for linking to my blog from yours, you've no idea how excited taht made me!