Wednesday, October 18

Stolen by Bitacle. STOLEN BY Bitacle bastards!

This is a photograph of Mt Mauganui, in the Bay of Plenty, North Island New Zealand, taken a long time ago! It doesnt look anything like this now, of course. The port is much larger, & there are houses & highrises to spoil it all. In the distance out to sea, you can see White Island which still seethes & boils with active volcanic activity. Some days there is a huge plume of white steam to be seen rising from the Island.

This is a photo of 2 little girls at that very beach around 1948-9. Dont they look cute in their lovely little suits??
This was our local beach, & we often went to visit, or stay for holidays. I have not seen it for over 10 years, but know it has changed beyond recognition.

The beach was a nice one because the harbour side was lovely & calm & shallow, while on the ocean side, there was nice surf & a lot more sand.

And lastly, this is a photo of Meggie, & the GOM, when he was THUS- which is The Highly Unsuitable Suitor!!

No, we weren't going to the Magic Show, we just happened to be walking past, & there was always a photographer lurking to catch theatre goers. We have another photo, taken on another occasion, but THUS looks as if he might have downed a few too many of the brown ales, so we dont want to show that one, do we??!!
BFJ will get a laugh out of this! It will bring back a few memories.

I got so pissed off with Blogger I was not going to let it beat me! Hence 2 posts in one day. We have been out discussing the fact that our newly replaced F*$&ing DVD/video is not working properly! GRRRR. Nice repair man is going to check it out. No snotty-nosed blue haired young hag working there!!

I asked another 'older' friend how she copes with her high stress levels, & she informed me that she jumps up & down & shouts FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! She said it works very nicely... Hmmm perhaps I will give it a try!

Have just read another blog with this STOLEN idea to try to stop theft, so am giving it a try.


joyce said...

I really enjoy your posts! Swearing is said to help lower stress levels and cholesterol, depending on who you direct it at. Lol. Wrong person and it becomes life-threatening. Do you have a more recent photo you and GOM?

Angie said...

What a handsome couple....even if he was THUS!!! LOL And your dolls are BEAUTIFUL, Meggie!!

Angie said...

Hey Meggie, you don't have an email on your blog. I was going to send you a chatty email about being in a slump, messy sewing rooms, blogging, etc. LOL My email is Send me one and I'll reply to it! ROFL

telfair said...

Wow -- that picture of you and the GOM is so elegant. You look like you stepped out of a romantic film.

h&b said...

Mmmm - you are one hot mama, Meggie.

So glamourous and beautiful, no wonder the GOM looks happy :)