Sunday, October 8

The day has turned Grey!

I have been busy reading in the heat, then the high winds came roaring in, so indoors to view a programme previously taped.
Then a bite of lunch- fresh bread roll with avocado tomato & cucumber- I usually passo on dressings.

Putting off trying to get the Links onto my site.

Came in here, got them all on, then the page expired whilst I was editing the list, which is really Bec's list, -Thank you Kindly Bec!- I was trying to get some of my favourites on there, but gave up after an hour of frustrating madness. But at least now I know what & where to do it, so I will get my favourites all on eventually. Of course some of you are already on there!!

Thanks are due again to Angie & Alice whose info also proved to be helpful.

Not sure what this weather is doing, it has gone all sullen & now the wind has died down it feels a little humid... or maybe that is just me!

GOM had been going to mow the poor murdered lawn, but thankfully it was too windy. He has gone back to his reading.

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend.


Joyce said...

Don't you just hate those hard winds? It blew all night here and I had a hard time sleeping. We have a metal roof and it amplifies the noise. Give me calm any time. Now it's morning and still windy so there goes all our nice autumn colors. Now we just wait for snow. (What a grumpy sounding comment!You may want to just ignore it and hope I cheer up before the next comment.)

Paula said...

We had to turn the furnace on here for the first time today. Which reminds me; I have to order more oil tomorrow.

I love avocados...I could eat them everyday.

Pam said...

Why would you wish it were autumn? It is, here, and I wish it were spring!

Love your hanging.

meggie said...

I dont mind how grumpy anyone gets!
It is just good to let off steam now & then.
We lived with snow & bitter cold before moving over to Australia. I used to think all I ever wanted was a warm climate.
But the Summers over here are too hot for me now, & they are very humid, which I cant cope with. I seem to have a broken body thermostat- and I SWEAT, no other word for it. It is unbearable.

At least I have the right haircut for it at present. But then, it is cool today again, with chilly winds. That is our Spring,- very unpredictable.