Saturday, October 21

Thank you for allowing me to post this!! haha. I have been thinking if I appease the blogger-god- perhaps a small 'sacrifice' or something??- it might allow me to post whenever I desire. I dont suppose stamping your feet & screaming obscenities could be considered a ritual dance of respect??

Or... I suppose I could try something different, such as mentioned by Alice, but let us not get ahead of ourselves here! I am still trying to master the basics of this lot.

Though I am a Non Believer, & essentially not superstitious, it can sometimes pay to 'hedge your bets' & heed old ways!

Now, most of you in the quilting world will know that the Amish believe that you must have a mistake in your quilt, as, only GOD is perfect!

Another line of thought subscribes to the belief that you need some mistakes, & broken or crooked lines to confuse the Devil! ( I am not sure if I believe in the devil, either!)
So I make sure there is plenty of room to confuse the devil in my work, & am sure if there is a GOD, he/she/it, will never feel remotely threatened or offended by my quilting creations!

That is what I say, & it gives me a good excuse to have oddities & little quirks in my quilts. After all, I make them for comfort, & hopefully, to be enjoyed, so I am sure if they were perfect, they wouldnt be as comfortable!!

This is my Autumn Hearts Quilt. I suspect you could tell I am an Autumn person, by the number of Autumn-looking quilts I make. I just love the colours & the feeling of Autumn.
I didnt design this myself, it was featured in a Magazine lent to me, & was originally called Mrs Bills Quilt- who knows why??.
Because of the colouring it caught my eye, & I kept mainly to the colour scheme in the book, from memory.

It would look good as a wallhanging, as it is not a large quilt.
I took this pic in my utterly messy sewing room yesterday, & had to carefully crop out all the junk that was visible around the edges.
It is one of the quilts that live in a blanket box I keep in the lounge, & SG uses these quilts to make cubbies when he comes to spend time here.
The box has a padded top, so it is very handy as an extra seat, also.

Son B is coming up today to spend the weekend here. It is a pity it is not Labour Day weekend as it is in NZ. We always feel our time flies by, & is all too short, if he stays just the one night.

He & GOM usually go off to the Club for a game or 2 of pool, & it gives them a chance to spend a bit of 'male' time together.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. It is luv-er-ly here this morning! A southerly wind came through in the night,& it has blown away all the horrible humidity, & it is lovely & cool, if a tad grey!


Angie said...

Ah Meggie, what a sweet Autumn quilt! Another beauty! :D Hope you and your GOM LOL enjoy the time with your son!

Finn said...

Hi Meggie, thank you for dropping in over at my blog and leaving a comment..*VBS* It's always nice to see a new face.
I just had to pop over and see where you post..and it's a delightful blog...*VBS*
We are seasonal soul sisters concerning autumn, I actually feel sorry for people who aren't born in October..LOL
Your Autumn Hearts are just lovely. I don't think it matters much where the pattern comes from, so much is in the public domain these days. And you've made it uniquely your own with your color choices and placement. I love it!

I got such a hoot out of your intro to yourself..LOL GOM indeed!
It's perfectly fine if you are a dog person, I have been one too, in the past. My beloved golden retriever, Dakota. I lost him after 10 years of devotion back in March of 2004. I just haven't been able to bear the idea of a different dog walking in his footprints.
The little black Ebby joined me 3 weeks ago. She was a "save" cat that needed a new home. Her mom couldn't keep her anymore, and Ebby needs to live with a woman and no children. I'm delighted to have her here for company. I'm on the downhill slope of 60 now, and live alone. Or I did, at least...LOL
Please do come back if you care too, and I will be checking in to see if your little kitty got rescued ok..such a shame to see them neglected. Big hugs, Finn

Henri said...

Meggie , How right you are !! Fancy mixing Phil. with Nettie !!. Mallow Puffs to you !! -- The fact remains though that you DO understand maths ,even if you think you don't --- Your beautiful quilts & other sewing are testement to that !
As I remember it your ' recorder ' abilities weren't too flash Haha ! Henri .

Anonymous said...

I do like your hearts/ninepatch quilt ... lovely colours.
Now, about that deliberate mistake ... didn't your Mum tell you to always do your best work ... and anyway, my feeling is that if you make a deliberate mistake, you're saying He's not the only one that's perfect, "because I could correct this ... but only if I so chose."
Okay, end of lesson for today.
God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

meggie said...

Trust me Christine, none of my mistakes are really deliberate!
But I do find, finding mistakes, on lovely quilts made by other folk, somehow makes them more endearing. Maybe it is just me!

Yes, Henri, the Recorder period of my life is one much better forgotten. The horror!! Greensleeves can never be listened to again!

slap me happy said...

what a lovely job, I will have to go pull out my quiter now lol you have put me in the mood and spotlight is having a 20% off sale at the moment.