Sunday, October 1

Sunday Allsorts

What can you say? This arrived in an email, called First Kiss. Just glad it is not my little one. On the other hand, how loving.

I love old photographs.
I feel we are really lucky there have been hoarders in our family, & they have saved these photos, in good order.

This is my Dad.

This is my grandmother, Florence, on the left, & she is my father's mother.

This is my Grandmother, Christiana.

My Grandmother Christiana, came from Yorkshire, & we have some really interesting photos taken when she was a young girl. I have her mother's Confirmation 'Book of Prayey'(sic). I understood she was confirmed at York Minster, but the writing in the front is inscribed Thormanby, March 1874.

GOM is most unwell. He gets bronchitis at the drop of a hat, so he will be spending the day resting. He does seem a little better this morning, so the visit I forced him to take to the Dr for medication was probably well timed.


Isabelle said...

Goodness, what an eventful life! I have a lot of sympathy for your mother, I have to say. I'm dreading my that second daughter may end up living in London, because her aspiring-actor boyfriend is probably going to have to be based there. As for another island... I know we don't own our children, but...

meggie said...

It was sooo hard when our daughter decided to go back to NZ when she was 18! We didnt know how long she would stay, but after a year she came back over to us.

When we moved up here, she came with us, & we really are very close friends, which is nice.

Good Luck with Daughter 2.