Tuesday, October 24

Secret snigger Blog

I have no pics for this blog
you will see why in a moment.

When we came home from the Beach this afternoon, we had our lunch, then SG decided he wanted to go to the toilet. After we had duly despatched the huge Daddy Long Legs from the small 'closet' he disappeared into it, & shut the door. Our upstairs tiolet 'closet' is quite small- if you were aviourdapoisically challenged, you may not fit! (It is late, I have consumed a glass or two of Chablis!! so forgive the spelling mistakes~!!) You get what I mean- (if you are now 'Pleasantly Plump, as I am, your bod will find it somewhat constricted to be in this cubicle!!)
After some considerable time I thought the whole process must be completed. SG is very self sufficient in this area, & no one else is encouraged to assist- suits me!!
I duly enquired as to the state of his 'completedness', of the task at hand. He assured me he was ok. Finally after further long minutes of silence I decided he must surely be completed. So! I opened the door - forceably. To be met by the sight of the mumified SG!! He had used all the toilet paper to wrap himself in a convincing likeness to a Mummy of Ancient Egypt!! All done with yards of Kleenex Cottonelle, which is ideal for the purpose of 'Mummy wrapping'!! I was suitalby disapproving, upon discovery of what he had done. BUT!!! a secret part of me admired his resourcefulness, & inventiveness & I sneaked way to laugh~!! Almost uncontrollably !! His mother & I had a good laugh on the sly after she arrived to collect him. He never fails to delight me. And today' "Holy Moly" -which is one of my expressions, - & his "What the Hell is that??" just cracked me up. I love little kids!


Isabelle said...

Goodness, that sounds fun. I want grandchildren!

I'm amazed at your knitting. I hardly ever knit (I think the last thing I did was for my 27 year old daughter when she was a baby!)and the thought of doing something without a pattern...! I'm lost in admiration.

Stomper Girl said...

I DO NOT see why we couldn't have a photo of this!!!! Didn't you take one?!

meggie said...

Hi Stomper Girl
I thought the same thing this morning, when I was telling a friend about it!
I used to take photos all the time, when AAG was little. I just dont think to, now with little SG. I still laugh when I think of him, hastily trying to pull off the 'bandages, so I wouldnt find out what he had done!