Monday, October 16

More Quilty things..

I have posted this quilt for Angie, who admires Bronwyn Hayes.
I got the pattern from Australian Country Threads Vol 3. No 10, & I really just started out doing the small stitcheries on some old plain linen serviettes, then decided to make the whole quilt. I really enjoyed the process, & have used the stichery patterns on all sorts of items, from bags, to wallhangings, to small pictures to frame. Plus the applique cat for SIL, of course. Thank you Bronwyn for sharing the patterns in the Magazine!

The other 2 small quilts I made from patterns in Patchwork & Stitching Magazine, Vol.5. No.1. I just loved the embroidery combined with the patches on the Sweet Love Quilt, which was designed by Zoe Clifton.

The Rocking Horse was featured in the same issue of Patchwork & Stitching, designed by Joanna Perrett, & she called it Rock-A-Bye Baby. My friend K fell in love with the Rocking Horse quilt & bought the blue one, along with another one I made in a different colourway, for her 2 daughters, for her grandsons. She bought the little Sweet Love for herself, & has it on her bedroom wall.

I have also made a small bag called Heart of Friendship, designed by Ann Dimmer, for my daughter from the same issue, so I certainly made good use of that mag! Sorry I dont have a pic of the little bag- daughter just loves it & uses it.

I am becoming a good advertiser for these mags arent I?? Perhaps I should seek some Spotters rewards.

Small Grandson had his birthday- even ate a piece of Pizza! & some cake & some green Jelly, which he seems to love for some reason.
The only photograph I managed to get is very grainy & dark- not sure what went wrong.
He had a very happy day, & he was very happy with his little BBQ set we gave him.

After the hot weather we had been having it decided to cloud over & we have some rain today- YAY for the garden! It is nice & cool too.


Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Any rain is good rain, isn't it? Yes I think you should email your blog address to the mags - you never know..

My float said...

You are luring me to the land of quilt-making. These ones are gorgeous. Glad SG had a great birthday. Don't you hate it when the only photo that gets taken doesn't turn out?

meggie said...

jenni, thanks your comments.

Float, I am currently suffering from a severe lack of industry!
I confess, I am resting on my laurels here, presenting past works!
I am in need of a good kick up the 'muse', to get me started again. Not writer's block, but something similar.

I have loved this cool day- + the lovely cool night, preceding.
A neighbour's dog barked all night, so our dogs created all night in sympathy....didnt make for a good rest!

SG had a bad night also, his asthma has reared it's ugly head again, so he is off to Dr tomorrow. he has had 2 emergency trips to Hosp over it in the past, & it is very scary.
Last time he recovered very quickly after being desperately ill, & taking hours to stabilise. He ended up on the ward with a monstrous Greyhound dog, named 'Jack' sitting on his bed!! Jack is a hospital visitor dog, & very placid & calm. "They" decided SG could go home! His bounce-back is amazing, but no fun while he is really down there!

Angie said...

Thank you sooo much, Meggie, for showing these quilts!!! They're all three that blue rocking horse...but the Bronwyn Hayes....ahhhh, just wonderful!! I recently got about 6 issues of Aussie Country Threads, but more recent issues than your's. I just have this thing for those Aussie quilt mags!!!! I should just go ahead and subscribe to them, as much as I love them...Was it your quilt or someone else's, a Bronwyn Hayes, can't remember now what the stitcheries were, but I fell in love with it. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing these photos! Glad the GS had a good b'day! :D

Paula said...

Your quilts are really lovely.

Anonymous said...

Your past laurels are very, very impressive!

I'm so pleased to hear that Oz is getting some rain...every time it rains here, I wish I could send some of it to the farmers who so desperately need it.

Kim said...

Hey Meggie - I've come to visit - and you quilt!?! I dream of quilting.