Saturday, October 28

Spooky Spider

A very restless night. For some reason Leo was up & down all night, & he was finally sick about 3am. He made it outside, which was decent of him. And he seems fine this morning, & wolfed down his brekky. But, as a result, I didnt get much sleep!
So I got up at 5am- again.
At least GOM gets to have some peaceful rest after I get up, & take Leo out with me.

Am I ever ready for Daylight Saving to come in this Sunday morning! My body seems to go into Daylight saving automatically, about a month before it actually starts, & then I come off it automatically, about the same time as it changes back!
Honey doesnt seem to mind one way or the other, but Leo has been ready to rise at 5am for at least 6 weeks. He 'talks' to me, begging me to get up, & feed him.

I read My Float this morning, & saw she is Spiderman- so I did it too, & I also, am Spiderman! I decided not to add it to my page, & have added the Number instead.

I have always been rather frightened of spiders, & tried to avoid any sort of contact with them. Since we only had one poisonous spider in NZ, it was a mystery why I was so fearful of them.
SB has always had a soft spot for all living creatures, & was horrified at the idea of killing things. I suppose his attitude changed the way I percieved spiders, & I can mostly deal with them.

I have often found huge Huntsmen Spiders in our house, & I can take them outside & liberate them, quite happily telling them not to come back indoors.

We once found a huge Funnel Web in our pool, when we had a nice house with a pool. I suspect I may have killed that one, but cant remember now.

A huge black round spider came to live under our eaves at the back door last year, & I called her Lucy, & she seemed to know she was welcome, & she stayed. One morning I went out, & she was nowhere to be seen. Then I found her lying dead on the concrete. It was as if she had just dropped dead. I thought she may -& I am assuming she was a 'she- have left eggs, & waited for signs of babies, there never were any, & so Lucy was gone, though not forgotten. We waited quite a while before taking down the web too, just in case1

This morning I was startled by a very nasty looking, large, black spider suddenly running across the bench top in the kitchen! I just reacted & scooped it into the sink & put the plug over it. I have been feeling guilty, but I couldnt bring myself to liberate it, or see if it would climb out. I also ran some precious water into the sink- which is probably a double crime, seeing we are on such tight water restrictions!

Speaking of which- I had better get my shower, & we are saving the water for the garden, by putting a bucket into the shower.

Your Life Path Number is 2

Your purpose in life is to promote peace.

You are very sensitive and insightful. You often know what others are thinking.
Patient and tactful, you bring ease to any tense situation.
You have an incredible amount of inner strength. Use it, and you can achieve almost anything.

In love, you know your partner's needs and desires - and do your best to fulfill them.

While your sensitivity is your greatest strength, it can also be your greatest weakness.
At times, you tend to take what others think and say a little too seriously.
Sometimes you tend to run from confrontation when your best option is to stay and fight.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
We are going to check out some local garage sales this morning- who knows I might find some nice quilty things!


Karen said...

Oh spiders are long as they are not in my house. The garden is where they belong! My daughter once kept a spider we found on the bottom of the halloween pumpkin. She had a nice little habitat for it and fed it maggots she bought at the bait store. It grew and shed its exoskeleton (sp) twice. After using it for her school science project she set it free in a cemetary. She had it for over a year.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice number to be!

My float said...

Hey fellow Spidey! I'm not so fond of them myself, to be honest. (Want to know a secret? I initially got Superman and then realised I'd been less than honest on the answers. Yes, I'd been lying to MYSELF! As one does...!)

I love the life path number. I might pinch it for next week's friday foolishness!

nutmeg said...

I had a very unpleasant "run in" with a red back spider yesterday. I foolishly stuck my hand under a pot to clear some leaves and out rolled a small black blob which unfurled itself to show a red (well, actually it was a lot more like orange) gash down its back. I have never seen one up close. They are certainly nasty little buggers. I still didn't have the heart to kill it, just pushed it over the edge of our pool deck. At least I didn't hoik (sp? word?) it into the air and have it land on my neighbour's roof - which happened to the last funnel web spider I got out of the pool. Isn't living in Australia a health hazard sometimes?

h&b said...

I no like the spidies either :(

I am so glad this house is spiderless { touch wood } as it looked like the sort of house spidies would love to hang out in, and I was a bit worried to move here becuase of it !!


Molly said...

This reminded me of a large spider i fished out of the pool a few months ago. My kids loved Charlotte's Web and we've had brushes with Buddhism, courtesy also of one of our children, the whole issue of sentient beings--and it's all good. I scooped her up in a jamjar and inspected her. And was amazed to see that her back was moving! She had had babies and they were all travelling piggy back, scores of 'em, and TINY. I was so glad I fished them out. I kept them in the jar to show my son, and then we put the jar on it's side under a bush, and the next day they hied themselves off somewhere else...

Isabelle said...

Love your "Life's a buzz" hanging and all your stories. My husband was made redundant at 51 - not fun - but he ended up with a job he liked much better (though it wasn't nearly so well paid. But hey, what's more important?)

Stomper Girl said...

I think one of the chief jobs of the Man About the House is the removal of spiders but I'm sure I'd do it if he weren't around. Despite knowing huntsman spiders are fairly harmless, I have been known to panic if I've ever found one in my car with me!

meggie said...

Thanks for all the nice comments!

SB almost crashed his car on the Freeway, when a giant Huntsman appeared over the front visor of the hat he was wearing! His Partner screamed, & the Huntsman retreated, & scuttled off. It lived in SB's car for years, until a repairman squashed it. SB is the softie about all living things.