Monday, October 30


Had a really nice day yesterday. Until evening came...

DJ came up to visit, with SG & then AAG arrived, & the dogs went mad with joy at the visitors.
DJ is planning a camping weekend & so she wanted to research destinations which are dog friendly. So she spent time on the net with some help from AAG.
They want a dog friendly place, as they want to take Oscar along.

We also had a visit from some friends, & spent a lovely afternoon laughing which always does the soul good.

Almost like a trade off, I discovered I had broken a piece off one of my lower front teeth, so now I have to get to a dentist to get that mended! I suspect my teeth are getting brittle in their age!

I also need to get back to visit my GP for an ongoing problem, so I will be a busy 'girl'.

Look at this pic. So long ago! I still keep in touch with 2 of the girls in the photo! Didnt we all look so happy! I cant believe there were so many of us in that starting year, but I think it may have been because there was a Polio scare, & the schools had been closed to prevent the spread of that awful disease. I was due to start school the year they were closed, so I didnt start until I was 6. I can still remember having the vacination for the Polio.
I can still remember the names of almost all of the children in that old school photo!

This next photo is of SB with Daddy,(before he was GOM) who was doing the 'right thing' taking time off work to spend a bit of time at the Playcentre. It was a good system, and the mothers were all encouraged to do a 'Mother Help' day. While it was a bit of a drag if you had other littlies, it was a nice way to see your child interact with others. We lived in a little cottage among older people- it was our first little house we bought, & there were no other children about the area, so it was good for our children to play with others. I guess it wouldnt really work these days, with so many mothers having to work.

This next pic is of a quilt I made for a Beloved Aunt of mine. I used a pattern, but didnt like the central house, & so designed my own- I use it for my ID.

This last pic is of a quilt I made for DJ. She loves applique, & bright colours. I used blocks I liked from here & there, & designed some myself, & copied some, from picutres, because I didnt have a pattern. The pic is not a very good one, as I took the photo with my old camera, before I had the digital.

And now I had better get onto organising some appointments for the old 'falling apart' bod!


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Lovely pics and memories Meggie!

You are probably right, it may be harder to do the help-at-school days but we usually manage it a couple of times a year.

Love the way you have your template now, well done!

Henri said...

Meggie , That old oak behind you all in the school photo is gone I do believe , Age and storm damage . Can you remember the bird droppings ? -- It wasn't safe to sit under it really in more ways than one ! -- I can recognise some of the faces in the photo too . Wonder how they ' scrub up ' now ?
Good luck with the teeth --- Two teeth in the Dark Room , do you remember ?

Angie said...

Meggie, both of those quilts are adorable!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your comments in my blog!
I took a look to your work. WoW It is quite impresive. I like the colours that you use in your quilts!