Tuesday, October 24

Dolly Pics & a trip to the beach.

I cant believe my luck! I came on here to just post a pic or 3, & things went well, so I got carried away.
This is Possum, & I knitted her outfit during a recuperation holiday for GOM. He gets terrible coughs, & he was advised to take a holiday, so off went to a lovely Country Club Resort. His cough became famous for the week we were there, & luckily we had a cabin right away on our own! No neighbours to be disturbed. I almost went mad though, & trying to concentrate on the pattern for the shawl was so hard, when accompanied by his cough!
He got so bad we had to come home early, & he was hospitalised, as they thought he had Legionairres Disease, but it was pneumonia, & they never did find out how he got it.
I tried to get the photo to show the details, but it didnt seem to turn out that well. I made the little Golly with her, & he is one of my favourite little 'things'.
.This next little doll is an antique reproduction, but I have forgotten which one now. She stands in front of Amber in the cabinet, & is also next to another antique repro doll I made & dressed. I also made their shoes, so they are one off outfits.The larger doll is Amber. I made up her dress pattern, & decorated her hat to match. I was quite pleased with my embroidery on the collar, -which you cant really see! The big doll standing next to Amber is Jess, but I will post a pic of her another day.
These are little twins I made & dressed. I love knitting & just made up the suits.

The day has been quite busy! We had SG for the day till about 2pm, so we took him off to the beach. Forgot the camera, but I might have been unable to use it - I had forgotten to take my anti- cripple pill this morning, & I was a very poor Nanna! I could not sit down on the sand even, & had a great deal of trouble walking in the sand. SG had a great time paddling, & then he got caught, a slightly larger wave than he had gauged, & he sat down very suddenly! Wet through! We didnt have any other clothes either, so had to strip him down, & he rode home in the car seat stark naked! I was glad we didnt get stopped, it would have raised a few eyebrows!! He giggled away about it, & thought it a wonderful joke that he was "Naked, Nanna!"

After we got home, I tried to take some photos, but he was not at all keen! Luckily it has been a nice warm day, & he was quite happy in some old trakckies, & no T shirt.

Leo didnt mind having his pic taken, & he hopped on the chair, just in case SG left some of his lunch sandwich.

DJ came home to collect SG & he told her he wasnt going to go home yet! He has been very happy lately, & tomorrow he is off to Pre school again.
AAG has had another exam yesterday, & has another tomorrow, she tells me, so I hope she does well.

I feel much better now, as I took my anti crip pill after my lunch, & it has kicked in nicely. Thank heaven for those drugs!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Meggie ... I love the little Golly ... I have one on the chair in my bedroom, (it was DDs, from her Grandma in London, but now she's too grownup to have him live with her & DH so he keeps Teddy Edwards/Bernard Braden company ... and keeps my memories bright). Of course, a Golly is terribly non-PC these days, but what's a girl to do ??
God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

daysgoby said...

Love the pictures!

My goodness, you do keep busy, don't you?

Alice said...

Your knitting and dressing of dolls is just so exquisite. I love seeing your work. I take it that you make the dolls yourself, too?

meggie said...

hi, Thanks for the kind comments.

I used to make the porcelain dolls, but dont now, as I can't lift, & the kiln work was quite heavy going at times.

I confess to still having naked dolls, - just havent had the inspiration to dress them! Since I discovered the quilting, I have not done so much with the dolls.

I still like to make a cloth one, or a bear or Golly every now & then!