Sunday, October 22


It is a wet & cool day, which is very nice for me, I like it to be cooler.

The menfolk had their pool playing & footy watching TV last night, so I sneaked off to bed, for a nice early night!

Having the family for lunch, so we get a chance to all get together, which will be nice. I am just having a casual finger food type of lunch, so no stress.

This is just a WIP I managed to get started!! Progress indeed. Now all I need is for the nice cool temperatures to last while I do the hand blanket stitching on it! Otherwise most of it will be done on the machine! But not today.

As a result of my early night, I got up nice & early & got on the computer, & I have spend a wonderful hour or so, reading all the lovely blogs. Have laughed out loud at some, & been moved to tears at others. I find there is no time for being bored when there are so many things to read, so many hobbies to do, & so many lovely books to read!!

But now, I must get off this & see about food! My favourite dish!!


nutmeg said...

I agree. The blogosphere really makes you run the gamut (sp? too lazy to find if this is correct or not!) of your emotions. Blog on, I say :-)

Isabelle said...

And I agree about not being bored. I never understand boredom, unless it's that induced by doing boring work such as (in my case) marking (I;m a teacher) But even that't not altogether boring. But in leisure time, there's always lots to do and read and think about.

I like your WIP.

Isabelle said...

Goodness, I should reread my comments before publishing them. Where's my red pen??? I mean, obviously, "I'm" and "that's".

My float said...

It's beautiful!
I agree - no time to be bored. But there's so much to do and read that there's also no time to sit and think!

What did you cook?

meggie said...

I agree about no time to sit & think! Especially with small children about.

I cooked pies, Bacon & Egg, and Mince pies, & AAG made a lovely salad, & I had baked pumkin for the salad, but on the side, as some one-GOM who is a "baby"!!doesnt like it. And fresh bread rolls.

And GOM doesnt know it, but he eats all the vegies he professes not to like, because I put them into the mince! Kids arent the only ones you have to disguise food for!!

Isabelle, I have enjoyed your blogging on your trip!

Nutmeg, hope youre feeling better?

Does anyone know what/where Bec is?? Or is it my 'infernal machine' not letting me get up my fav blogs??