Sunday, October 15

A Quilt for SIL

My SIL recently had her 50th Birthday, so I decided to make a quilt for her. I couldnt make up my mind what pattern to use, couldnt seem to find one I liked. Finally I decided to use the friendship star block, & put an embroidered/appliqued cat in the centre. I love scrap quilts because of the variety and I love the bright colours. SIL was very fond of a ginger moggy that made himself at home at their place- I think he shared himself about several homes, actually, & he was a large chap, with a very arrogant nature, knowing he was rather handsome!
I am not a great artist, so I used a pattern from Bronwyn Hayes, Red Brolly designs, for the cat, & I appliqued a small 'quilt on the chair, for him to sit on.

I couldnt decide how to do the back, & I changed my mind several times about backing fabric, & ideas. Finally I settled upon doing a ring of flying geese, using a plain cream fabric so that the guests at the party could sign a patch in memory of the event. I was very happy with that idea, & thought it could serve as a momento of her party.

I duly posted if off, & waited anxiously to hear it had arrived. I always get fearful when I send off 'my babies' across the sea. Hear all sorts of horror stories about posted items, but however I have sent several things & quilts off to rellies in NZ, & am happy to report the safe arrival of all items. You cant really put a value on items that are hand made, so even if you insured them, you would never really get the value back.

I seem to be 'stuck' at present, with my projects, have several 'flimsies' waiting to be backed & quilted, but I just cant seem to goad myself into action!

Perhaps if it stays cool a day or two, it may get me going.

It is Small Grandson's 4th birthday today, so they are coming up here for lunch. He seems to be at a very awkward stage in his dietry habits- really only likes pasta & cheese, & is not even all that fussed about sweet things. Daughter is not sure what to give him in the way of a birthday treat lunch. He does love meat, so I guess as long as we have plenty of that, he will be ok.

I had better get off here, & get started on my day 'proper'.


My float said...

Happy birthday to SG.

Wow, he likes pasta AND cheese! Together? Gee, somethign for me to look forward to given mine will only eat plain pasta and cheese on toast. Maybe. If the planets are all aligned and the wind is blowing north-easterly at 7 knots.

Hope SG had a wonderful birthday!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Pasta and cheese: pre-schoolers' bodies somehow turn it into all five food groups plus every known vitamin. It's a miracle!

Angie said...

Oooh, Meggie, love that quilt!!! And Bronwyn Hayes, altho I don't have any of her patterns....yet.... LOL And the back was a WONDERFUL idea!! Yummmm, I can identify with your grandson....give me 'mac' and cheese ANY day...on this blasted diet that I've been on for almost 3 weeks now, I've been deprived of my "comfort" foods like pasta & cheese. :( Yard sales it is here in the US. I'm so glad you like my teddy bears....I think they actually came from somewhere in hubby got them from an auction and surprised me for Christmas. :)