Sunday, October 29

Old Lace

Yesterday's Garage sale find, for me, was this lovely old handmade lace!
I just love it, & couldnt believe my luck. I got it for $1, & it was brown with dirt. I have soaked it in a Nappy soaker, & discovered it is almost white. It has 3 small rust spots, but there is a product to remove that, so it will be perfect for a Doll or maybe even a Teddy.

Isnt it exquisite? I also got some handmade edging lace as well as some entreduex?(sp) which was also very dirty, but has come up nicely with a soaking.
I just laid it over this piece of jade coloured fabric, which is earmarked for a dress for a doll called Jade, who has remained in underwear only, for far too long!
I suppose I should have ironed the fabric before showing the lace!

This next pic is our two dogs, Waiting for GOM at the top of the stairs, which they tend to do, if he goes off on his own.
We are now officially onto Daylight Saving- thank goodness. Leo got me up at 10 to 6 this moring, instead of 10 to 5am Haha!

And here are two of Nice Neighbour's lovely little pot gardens.
You could almost believe in fairies, looking at some of her gardens. Mr Nice Neighbour makes the lovely little bridges for the gardens.

I have been enjoying myself having a cruise around some of the lovely blogs I like to read. I have to remind myself to stop having so much fun!! And get on with some sewing or even ... housework.
It is nice & cool this morning, so no real excuse for not getting onto the sewing!


Angie said...

Hi Meggie! I've missed you. For some reason, blogger has not been playing fair with me the last few days. :) Lovely, lovely lace you found!! What a treasure! And your doggies are sooo cute lying there! What would we do without our 4-legged "kids". LOL

Anonymous said...

hey meg .lemon juice and salt on rust then leave in the sun, kept redoing it till rust goes away I am still watching your site it's great what a find, the lace is just beautful.I will now be waiting to see what you do with it. old neibour

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie
What a great find!! with a little soaking the lace is beautiful look forward to see how you use it.The dogs are real cute waiting there patiently.and love neighbours pots.

May Britt said...

You found a beatiful trasure at that garage sale.

h&b said...

Those miniature gardens are delightful !!

I used to enjoy bonsai ( my own terms and sculpting, no strict rules or barbaric wire ), and often think I should get into it again. Miniature worlds are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Freaky stuff...we actually visited a miniature land today...I will be posting pics over the next week, if you are interested!

I want your dogs...they are so beautiful!

My float said...

that lace is gorgeous. i love garage sales but i get carried away sometimes! yesterday i found eight books for 50cents each at a village fair and was very excited about that! I can't beleive, in this day of ebay, that people are still getting rid of such wonderful things for next to nothing. oh well, our gain, i guess!

jellyhead said...

What a find that lace was! - gorgeous and so detailed.

I am disturbed to hear that although your children are now grown and gone, you are STILL woken early by your pooch! I would have thought you'd done your dawn duty!!

Anonymous said...

Those Gardens are so beautiful the Bridges Wow Wonderful a lot of work.