Monday, October 2

A New Look!

Still not sure if I am happy with the new look site. It all seemed to take me such a long time to sort out, I gave up in the end! Feel perhaps it is a little easier to read?

Well GOM is still abed, not well, but at least resting wont hurt him.

Naughty Teenage Hoodlum Leo has sneaked into my sewing room, & stolen a bag of cottons, taken them outside & chewed them to pieces! GRRRRR. He looks so sorry when I growl at him too.But, who could stay mad at this cute little woolly boy?

I have been thinking I would like to add some of my favourite blog addresses onto my site, so others can enjoy them too, but I couldnt seem to work out how to do it. Perhaps a tap with a mallet might be able to get it to sink in??- to my head, I mean, not the computer, haha.

It is our Labour Day long weekend here, & all is quiet out. We actually live above quite a busy highway, & dont consciously hear the noise of traffic, but it does seem quieter on days like this.

Beloved Brother in NZ rang me last night, & they have gone into daylight saving already, the lucky people. I wish ours had started, because Leo thinks it is about time- he is getting me up to 'play' with him at 5am! He is a very vocal little dog, & comes & talks to me, about getting up, & feeding him. Our little Lady Honey is far too well mannered to do that! She was content to lie in bed until I decided to get up.

I must get some productive sewing done instead of just thinking about it!!


Angie said...

I'm having trouble leaving you a comment here. So I'm trying once again, and if this posts, email me, and I'll forward a copy of an email that one of the other bloggers sent me to help me add links on the sidebar. :) I'm new to blogging too, so if I can share her email with you, it should help you set up your links. :)

Angie said...

Yeaaaaa! LOL That worked. Now, that "baby" of your's is adorable!!! Looks like the poodle I got for one of my sisters. Snuggles is an your's? So how could you stay mad at that pup with a sweet face like that!!! LOL Thanks for visiting my blog...I just found your comment on one of my posts today! :)

verniciousknids said...

If only all teenage hoodlums looked like Leo!