Friday, October 20

Friday Fives

I had intended to list a couple of Fives.

Firstly Five things I would love to do;

1. Holiday in Canada. It looks so beautiful on TV, & the people seem so friendly. When I was a child, we used to get some magazines given to us, & they were Canadian, but I have forgotten the name of it now. I do remember that Diefenbacher ? I may have misspelt that- was the President? at the time.

2. Learn to play the piano. I always wanted to as a child, but we didnt have a piano, & besides I dont think my mother could have afforded the lessons.

3. Ride on one of those huge scary roller coaster rides. I am giddy when I look off our balcony, so I know I will never do the roller coaster thing! Have thought it might be a good way to die, though! No getting old & doddery- well no more than I already am.

4. Win a large amount of money. I know they say money cant buy happiness, but it can make your misery a lot more comfortable. Yes, I know this is a very shallow wish- but hey, I bet I am not the only one to wish this!!

5. Do a full tourist trip around New Zealand. I know that is a terrible admission, but like so many, I never did travel to see the whole of the country.

Here, to break the monotony, is a pic of a patchwork bag I made for my Aunt. I think it was a Jan Knight pattern, but am not sure. It was from either Patchwork & Stitching or Australian Country Threads, & I do apologise to the designer if I have that wrong!
This is a view of the back of the bag. Somehow the pics seem a bit misty, not sure why.

Had more pics but blogger wont cooperate, GGRRRRR!

So- here are
Five things I KNOW I will never do!

1. Learn a foreign language. I just dont seem able. Son M was gifted in that direction, but though I am good at guessing Kiwi regional dialects, & picking accents, I just cant get the language thing.

2. Understand Mathematics. It has remained a mystery to me all my life! I WISH I could understand it!

3. Learn to Ice Skate. Would be too afraid I would break some of the osteoporotic bones!

4. Paint a masterpiece- or even a minor piece!

5. Reach the weight I was when I got married, again!


May Britt said...

You have made a beautiful bag. I tryed to post a photo yesterday, but blogger did not cooperate with me either. So I will try again today.

Henri said...

Meggie , We used to get The Canadian Star Weekly . & very interesting reading it was , Think we stopped getting it about 1962 --- from memory . Perhaps 1961 as 62 was the year I spent with Bid and George .
You lie somewhat about your inability to do or understand Maths --- You managed perfectly well to deal with money and give change in Philomels Shoe Shop and also behind the several ( or more ) Bar/ s too !!

jellyhead said...

That bag is just so pretty! Are you sure your aunt really needs it? Because I happen to know a much better home for it! ;)

Thanks Meggy for your lovely comments to my blog.

meggie said...

How kind you all are!

Henri, it was not Philomel- she was my MIL!! Remember?? haha.
It was Nettie!
I wonder if any Canadian readers have heard of Nettawaka??
It was the place Nettie was born- & her mother named her after it, to her eternal shame! I loved the story, & remain intrigued by people's names to this day!

Angie said...

Oh Meggie I LOVE that bag!! So bright and know, I think that may be in one of the Aussie Country Threads mags that I just received last week. Yee Haa!! And......are you my long-lost twin????? LOL Based on the 5 things you know you will NEVER do, I think you may be!! I'm with you on all five--ESPECIALLY Math!! of those! ;O

Paula said...

We play tourist in our own town all the time!

My float said...

I'm with you on the money. Misery is much easier to bear on Hayman Island/the Maldives/nestled in a Swiss chalet beside a roaring fire!