Wednesday, May 20


I have lately been thinking of hands.
I work with my hands to 'create'. However my hands' work, & creations, may be judged is really neither here nor there.

I just know that I am happy when I am creating, whether it be sewing, typing, knitting, crochet, cooking or caressing/soothing.

I am convinced our hands tell a great deal about us, & I often study hands, to get an indication of a person's personality.

This is a quilt I made for my brother. I have blogged about this long ago, I think. (Too tired & lazy to check it out!) I designed it myself, to represent my Beloved Brother's family.
It is outdated now, since his gorgeous Grandson has been born since I made it.
Partners for his sons have also been added.

It has many symbols of good luck which I had hopes may bring him luck. He is a very good natured man, with a 'lucky' personality. Most people gravitate towards him, with his wonderful sense of humour, & his easy going charm. In any family gathering, he is a great favourite.

I could explain about the 'lucky charm' blocks, the family represented in hearts, & stars, & flowers, the two "Island" lands that are our heritage, but I suspect I have done that before.
That is it, for the pics for this post!
I pondered using pics of hands, to illustrate my central topic, but I did not wish to use Googled images of hands, nor any I could crop from personal photos.
I tend to be very observant of any person's hands. I remember once having a Horoscope done. The Reader, who had never met me, made the observation that I often wondered why I "was so wide awake & alert, while everybody around me seemed half asleep". It is true, I will often observe things that no one else seems to see. I love it that my daughter is like me, & we often later compare mental 'notes'!
I look at a man's hands, always, to see if he is cruel, brutal, hardworking, vain, weak, practical, strong. Hands have often stirred quite unexpected emotions in me, when I have observed them.
The shape of the fingers, the length of the fingers. The broadness of a palm, the stiffness of a thumb. The state & shape of the nails, on thumbs & fingers.
When my second son was born, his fingers were so long & elegant, I felt he would do well in artistic pursuits. It proved to be the case. Not in perhaps the direction we wished, but he certainly has artistic ability.
My Granddaughter's fingers were so long & elegant at her birth, I am surprised she did not play a musical intstrument, but she always said she wished to play the violin. Perhaps it is a shame she never got the chance- yet!
My mother once shocked me, by telling me she was afraid I had a very loved Aunt's hands, as a baby. As it happened, my hands were not least like the Aunt's in the event, but I loved that Aunt, & greatly admired her hands, which were broad & long fingered & strong & capable, & so lovely to have around for solace, & broad comfort.
I look at my Son in Law's hands, & I dont see the skills of his father, but I see other strengths. I look at my Grandson's hands, & see a lot of his father's hands, but with other features- perhaps my daughters' influence in his genes.
Do you notice people's hands? What judgements do you make? Do you feel a sense of 'knowledge' from observation? I find it so fascinating.
I have been tagged by Selina Kingston for some questions. So here goes....

1. What are your current obsessions?
Reading reading & reading.
2.Who would you most like to have dinner with?
A "pompous person" who pretended to know all about food & wine!
3. Last dream you had?
My mother was present again.. disapproving again...but there were lots of lovely nieces & nephews, & fish & chips- NZ style!!
4. Last thing you bought?
A newspaper.
5. What are you listening to?
Television, far too loud, in the next room! grrrr!
6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be?
A bloody poor one!!
7. Favourite holiday spots?
Beaches with no other people!!
8. Reading right now?
The Book Theif.
9. Four words to describe yourself.
Loner, Loving, Friendly, Apart.
10 Guilty Pleasure?
Reading while the housework mounts!!
11. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak?
At this stage in my life, who can say? It catches me unawares!!
12. Favourite odd thing to do?* this is the one question I have changed.*
Weep over something too personal to tell.
13. Planning to travel to next?
Chance will be a fine thing!
14. Best thing you ate or drank lately?
My Chicken Ali Baba! Mmnn!!
15. When did you last get tipsy?
Well, really, a girl won't tell!
16. Favourite ever film?
This is a moving feast.
17. Care to share some wisdom?
"Make allowances for your friends' imperfections, as readily as you do for your own."
18. What item could you not live without?
A shower!
19. Thing you are looking forward to?
My next completed quilt!
20. What’s your favourite smell?
'Joy' perfume
21. What food makes you heave?
22. How many REAL regrets have you got in your life?
I have ONE.
So that’s it. Now, the rules. Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question.
Add one question.
Then tag 8 people.
I don't know that I can tag 8 people, I know a lot of people hate tags.
So, with the priviso you can refuse if you choose, I tag:
That seems to be 8.
If you dont care to do this, please, don't feel pressured.

Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb.


The Sagittarian said...

Hi Meggie, I will do this but have just got back from Wairoa, Napier, Takapau and Palmy North...and tomorrow am away to Invercargill, hope to be home Sunday night so will get onto it then! Hope you're wella nd keeping warm...we getting hail and snow.

Anita said...

What a wonderful post! I too have always had a thing about a person's hands. I remember always looking at my father's hands and loving the fact that they were big and tough, but had a measure of gentleness and love in them too. My husband's hands are part of what drew me to him...I could find the warmth and steadiness in them that I wanted as well as being happy that mine fit so well in his. The quilt you showed is beautiful and I thank-you for sharing! Hope you have a great day!

velcro said...

I love the quilt and all its hidden meanings.
baby hands fascinte me - the way that they are so incredibly tiny yet absolutely perfect. And feet always look frayed in some way

Anonymous said...

Love your post today! If you would e-mail me, I will send you a beautiful story about "hands". Debbie (Maine)

Catalyst said...

O.K. Meggie, against my better judgement :) I took on the challenge and did your meme.

Mary Johnson said...

I love quilts that tell a special story -- I bought a book called a Quilter's Diary when I was visiting my Mom -- one of these days I'm going to make a sampler quilt just for me!

Finn said...

Hi Meggie, what a neat post! I think there must be something of the artist in your observations about hands. Hands fascinate me also, womens in particular. I like old hands and sweet baby fingers. You can see(and maybe tell) alot about a person from their hands. Especially when they are in action. Take good care of you, hugs, Finn

Thimbleanna said...

It's a beautiful quilt Meggie -- I love all the symbolism that you've put into it. I've been thinking about hands too. Thinking that although my hands look old to me now, maybe I should take a picture of them, 'cause someday the way they look now will look relatively young.

Selina Kingston said...

Another beautifully thoughtful post - great answers, by the way x

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this - it proves that I'm not crazy (well, ok, that isn't entirely true but you get the turn of phrase) as I have a massive thing about hands. Hands are the first thing I notice about a person and if I don't like them, I become prejudiced against the person. I know how bad that sounds; but I'm leaving there because it's true.

Marja said...

Oh what a beauty that quilt is You are a master Meggie
Nice the way you look at hand I always ignore my hands. I like them to put a hand on the shoulder of children when I like them
I dislike them because I have two left hands. they are also worn because of dishwashing
Love your answers I forget to clean too when I am reading

Quilting Kim said...

What a lovely quilt and the real beauty comes from what you have put into it.

I've never really paid close attention to hands, but I do like to splurge on a manicure - a little selfish indulgence.

Anonymous said...

Zoiks - I've been tagged! I had better put my thinking cap on!

Mary said...

That might be my favourite of all your lovely quilts I think.

Do I notice hands? Not particularly. Although I love my children's hands.

Jeanette said...

Gday Dear Meggie, Beautiful quilt and post on hands, I like to keep my hands active I cant just sit and watch TV. I have to pick up my Knitting or crochet.and also take my knitting in the car if im a passenger..

My Mum used to say Idle hands, devils mischief.

persiflage said...

They are such beautiful quilts - it must be wonderful to be able to imagine these designs. I loved your comments about hands, and I have resolved to try to take more notice, and to try to become more observant.
I had nice hands, I thought, but they are stiff and distorted with arthritis now - makes handiwork more difficult.

Rosie said...

I hope my hands last long enough to let me get better at the piano before arthritis sets in...

Warty Mammal said...

I love your quilts! Aren't you clever? Interesting parts, and then the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Hands. I don't notice them, unless the person in question is wearing ostentatious jewelry. I need to start paying attention. I think you are a keen observer of human nature.

Thanks for the meme tag! I'll hop on it sometime this weekend.

Tanya said...

I look at other people's hands maybe because mine are so ugly. I have short straight across fingernails. Hard cuticles. No fingernail moons. I have tried growing my fingernails out but the nails interferred with typing and quilting.
I find men's strong, muscled hands and forearms very attractive!