Sunday, May 17

Lolling about, dreaming...

I have spent a lot of time just lately sitting outside in the warm Autumn sun, reading, & dreaming.
I have recently read, & enjoyed A Thousand Splendid Suns, which I may have mentioned before. I gave it to my daughter to read, & she has enjoyed it too, though she was initially not so keen. I suppose it is because it is a culture so unlike our own. That is partially why I read it.
What a sad, & war torn country Afganistan is, & always seems to have been.

I have spent some time, looking over photos, too, & I love this golden one of my Grandson, at Lake Glenbawn. I think he was about 2 when this was taken.

Another book I have recently enjoyed was the Lovely Bones. I have written about this before, & my daughter & granddaughter have just enjoyed it too.

I do like my gory thriller mysteries too, & have just finished The Rosary Girls by Richard Montanari. Another book passed on to my daughter to read. It is a large book, but I raced through it, even retiring to bed early on a couple of nights, just so I could wallow in warmth, & enjoy reading.

Here are flowers my son gave me, for Mother's Day. I am so enjoying the beautiful scent of the perfumed Lillies, as they open.

Another book read, is Man and Boy, by Tony Parsons. I bought it at a garage sale, - as I did all the others!- & it was a lovely touching read.

Here is a little neighbour boy, who is very very fond of Mrs Nice Neighbour. He is sitting up at their computer, with their dear little dog Beau, who just adores it when this boy & his sister, come to visit.

I am still reading The Book Theif, have been reading it for some time. I am not sure why it has become a 'slow burner'. My brother gave it to me, when he had read it, while staying here. I know he was gripped by it, & raced through it very quickly.

A pretty moth, which was on our kitchen ceiling. I love the patterns on these moths, & have noticed a few of them around. I suppose they are the type to eat your woollies or something, but I dont have the heart to kill them.

The quilting/sewing is down to a slow simmer. It is a little chilly in the sewing room. I should get the machine out in the sun again, like I did before. What a nice day I had sewing in the sun, & I think it was last Autumn too.

This photo is of twin granddaughters of one of my best childhood friends.
Aren't they just adorable! They are identical, as you can see, & she has sent me some beautiful pics of them. This is an old one, so they will be different now, I suppose.

These cool mornings I wake in pain, & force myself out of bed, my back being the greatest source of the pain. Once I get moving, & 'thaw out', I dont feel so bad. I suspect Coffee helps too!
I am currently reading a Minette Walters book, Disordered Minds. I do enjoy her books, & like her psychological insights to people's minds.
It is another flawless looking day with blue skies, so more reading in the sun might be the order of the day. I have three other books on the 'simmer' as I say.
My daughter gave me a gift voucher which I can use to buy fabric. Perhaps I should take myself off to the shop!
Here is a quote from the On Friendship book
"You can always tell a true friend: when you make a fool of yourself, he doesn't think you've done a permanent job." Lawerence J Peter.

Tony Bennett & k d lang. La Vie en Rose.


ancient one said...

Interesting post... lots of reading going on... I received two new books for Mother's day... I've started one... another Nicholas Sparks book... maybe I will finish it tomorrow... Loved the sunny picture of your grandson... beautiful lake... I seem to be worrying too much... friends in the hospital... can't concentrate on anything serious... too much going on...TODAY was a good day! Very Quite and Peaceful... Enjoy your autumn .. our summer is coming on...~ann

Ali Honey said...

I'm with your brother - I thought "The Book Thief," was one of my best ever books read. I enjoyed "The lovely Bones," too.

Jeanette said...

Gday Meggie. I love nothing better than reading a good book im reading (Daddy's little earner)A good read in my spare time at the moment, But unfortunetly I dont seem to have much of the that. Lovely pics of grandson.. Cute pic of neighbours boy sitting there with Beau..

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Like you I have too many aches and pains firts thing in the morning... Coffee and a hot shower to make me a little more bendable. Hope you have a good time at the fabric shop.

Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy with some good reads Meggie. The Book Thief was a slow read for me too. I was hesitant about A Thousand Splendid Suns too, but I really loved it!

velcro said...

a lot of reading going on over here too - Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses which is actually pretty good, The Unbearable Lightness of Scones by Alexander McCall Smith who lives near me and mentions the road I live on in his books, and the book I'm reading at present which is The End of MrY by Scarlett Thomas which is very well written and I think may be up there with my favourite books ever

Mary Johnson said...

A Thousand Splendid Suns was a favorite of mine too. I've been on a reading binge lately but mostly mysteries.

Marja said...

Hi Meggie Hope all is well. You read a lot. I would like too but I am a very very slow reader. I did read recently A thousand splendid suns though and loved it too. It gives you a great insight in the live of women in Afghanistan and everybody should read it. We are so lucky to be born in a country were we aren't surpressed.

The Fool said...

Well, I'm not familiar with any on your list of reads. I guess I'll have to take one up. I'll jot down the titles and go for whichever one crosses my path first. The current read at this end is "The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana" by Umberto Eco. If you like Eco, it's worth the venture. Best to you!

New Yorker wannabes said...

You just reminded me of the list of un-read books I keep under my desk. Gotta start I guess, there are just too many great books out there one doen't know were to start :)

Have a great week Meggie

Anonymous said...

This weather brings out each ache and pain, it takes forever to straighten up doesn;t it?! Loved the book theif too, I have to say it was right up there for me.

Sheila said...

I enjoy Minette Walters too. I recently discoved Val McDermid, and if you haven't found her already I think you would enjoy her work.

Pat said...

Meggie, what wonderful pics of gkids and other kids - no matter if the photos are old or not. It's always the memories attached with the photos that make the photo special.
I'm in the middle of "Smoke Screen" by Sandra Brown. So far so good. Gonna go get that "Lovely Bones". Forgot about that -- it's on my list.

Selina Kingston said...

I love reading. Haven't had the chance to do it for a while but The Lonely Bones is a fabulous book as is Man and Boy.

I have tagged you on my blog - hope you don't mind x

fifi said...

Sorry to har of the aches and pains. I have just taken up yoga, and it has been very helpful. ( I have always had annoying aches from various things)

I tried to talk my mum into it but no luck....

That moth is amazing!

I haven.t read a good fiction book in ages, I keep dumping them half way. (If you ever want to borrow any though let me know I have tons...)

Frankofile said...

Autumn is a good time for reading. But then, so is anytime when you can sit in the sun. Or sit by a fire, or anywhere warm. With a nice drink at the side.

I live by (getting/sending second hand books by post) and (listing my reading, and posting up reviews). I'm listed as CathyS if you find your way there.

Unknown said...

Meggie - thank you so much for sharing that video clip - I've long been a big Edith Piaf fan but also really love k d lang - must have a mooch about youtube and see if she's done any other Piaf songs - I think she'd do them real justice, just had never put two and two together before

Anonymous said...

I always motivated by you, your views and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

- Joe