Sunday, March 19

The Others.

In our family, we have always known of the existence of 'the others'.
They have visited us, quite frequently, really.

You know them too, possibly.
They are the ones who hide sought after items. They are so clever, you feel like a total idiot when you find the object of your search.

You have an object you wish to use for something, or give to someone.

WTH? You suddenly cannot find said object, but yesterday, when you agreed to provide said object, You had  it in your  sight. It has vanished, even though it was within grasp yesterday.

Often, when searching for items that have vanished, in spite of some serious searching, these items suddenly appear in a totally obvious, and  prominent location, sort of like the thumb up the nose. as if to say 'nah nana nah nah!'

I decided the other day, to have baked beans and eggs for breakfast.
Rather rare for me, but there you go.
I could not find a tin of bed beans to save myself. So I went to plan B for breakfast. I can't remember what plan B actually was, but it must have fled the void.

The thing that shocked me, when I decided to purchase a tin of Baked Beans, I finally discovered about 5 tins in the pantry!
What the Hell?
They had been concealed, courtesy of the others. they had been invisible when I needed them. They seemed to jump out and mock me in the end.

'The Others' have been about for most of my/our lives.
They play tricks on our observations, on our powers of observation, and our sense of belief!


Unknown said...

It's like the book The Borrowers

Caity O'Connor said...

Your others must have hidden my brand new boxes of tea the other day, too, Meg! Two whole boxes of loose leaf tea, and I had to dispatch Mr B to the shops, emergency!! By the time he got back, there they were, mocking me, of course....

Kathy's Klothesline said...

When we still lived near the kids, we always blamed it on them. To be fair, most of the time it WAS them. My youngest was known to steal the leftovers from my fridge. Then when I would call her to ask why she took them (me having planned to use them for a meal) and tell her that we were going out because of her ..... she would show up at the restaurant and cop a free meal there, too!

But, now that they are 9 hours away, we have to admit that we might be getting old! I am happy to see you here!!

Mary said...

I love the others. I wasn't sure of their existence but now you have confirmed them. They visit me often.

Meggie said...

I love to see yioy here, and responding to my feeble post. I mean, the 'Others' are very relevant, and it it is nice to know I am not alone in recognising them. Just lately they seem to have been very active in my life!!