Sunday, October 7


It is 6am. The sky is overcast & rather sullen looking. We had very high winds yesterday evening.

Great gusts, seeming to register protest at something. Perhaps Myanmar. All the storms could not protest enough.

Gom is sitting in the lounge watching the All Blacks v the French- I think!

I usually get up around 5am- roll on Daylight Saving! Gom sleeps on, in peace, apart from Leo leaping around occasionally. I like the early morning hours, so peaceful, before the day really gets underway.

Although, of course, now that we are retired we can choose what time we get up, go to bed, & do any other activities of choice. We approach it quite differently, Gom & I. I love the freedom, & frequently feel happy, just for the fact that I am almost totally in charge of my time. No timetables to keep, no screaming round, so as not to be late for work.

Gom seems to view his time as somewhat 'rudderless'. He was a born bully "Boss" or to put it kindly, "Leader". He was a very fair & tolerant employer. Our ideas of how to do things were not always the same, - still differ greatly- but he was very good at handling staff, & I rarely interfered with that side of our businesses. I occasionally watched interview applicants arriving or leaving & would say which ones I thought would be good workers. I was quite a good judge, just from body language I suppose.

I think some of our present tensions come from Gom's wish to 'manage'. Of course my being a free spirit, individual, - or to put it another way stubborn, & contrary, we some times clash.

I have been heard to mutter, "For goodness sake! How come I have been doing things wrong, for 39 years, & you have only just noticed the fecking dishes are stacked the wrong way in the cupboard!"

Or I might be found, mouthing behind the "Trolley Pusher", "Hitler!!" & other small epithets.

It is currently School Holidays here. Malls, & Arcades often provide activities & entertainment for children. Long rows of seating laid out in front of the Stage area, usually means there are going to be 'sing songs', with perhaps Clowns.

At other times of the year, the rows of seating often mean there are going to be truly cringeworthy entertainment provided for captive elderly. By the agonised expressions on their faces, one can see what they are thinking. I am sure if they were only able bodied they would make a run for it! But walking frames, dont allow for fast getaways!

Some devise clever getaway strategies. One enterprising old man staged a very convincing Tourettes like outburst, & was hastily carted away, with flailing arms, & further outbursts. I have filed that away for future reference, should I need to make a getaway myself. Another good strategy is the sudden flooding puddle appearing under the chair, seeping into the slippers & stockings. Also guaranteed to occasion sudden, & urgent removal.

Flatulent outbursts don't seem to work. One can only assume the assembled elderly are either deaf, &/or have lost their sense of smell, as well. The staff must use Vicks Inhalers or something.

I digress, however, as it was the school children we happened to clash with at the Arcade on Friday. As soon as I noticed rows of seats, I hurriedly took off in the opposite direction. My quest was for a shirt, in a shop on the level above the stage. No sooner had I entered the store, than I was assailed by some hideously off key girl, singing "Goodbye Cruel World, I'm off to join the circus, Gonna be, a broken hearted Clown"
What the Hell?? She was shieking at the kids, trying to make them 'sing' along. I could scarcely believe my ears. Not only was it an extremely odd choice of song, which the children didn't seem to know, but the 'singer' seemed to be tone deaf!! I have no idea if this dismal performance was accompanied by actions or heaven forbid, "Clowns", but I didn't hang about to find out. I scurried off to the car, & we left, none the wiser.

Gom had been listening & watching I think, over the balcony railing. He, however, seems to be tone deaf too, so he didnt notice anything amiss.

I am off now, to 'frog-stitch' the quilt top. I did put a border on yesterday, & watched & waited, until it told me it was not happy. So plan B will have to come out.

A slightly crestfallen Gom has just mooched off back to bed. The All Blacks lost!

Paul Simon, Graceland.


Unknown said...

Sorry for the GOM - but I have to say I think I'd rather meet France next week even if it is on home turf :o)

Mike said...

I have been home now for 3 months without working. Longest period of inactivity of my entire life. It is starting to drive my wife nuts. Now I think I might know why.

meggie said...

Anne, I had to laugh at your comment. He was quite delighted to learn England beat Aussie! It is the old rivalry thing, between Kiwis & Aussies.

Mike, just keep up your hobbies, & dont take over the kitchen pantry or cupboards! I never know where I am going to find things!

Tanya Brown said...

"captive elderly" ... bwahahahahaha!

You've echoed a sentiment I've occasionally had myself - they're OLD, not necessarily STUPID!

Unknown said...

Meggie - I re-read your post and laughed so hard at the 'instruction in plate stacking' you'd had to undergo - what is it with husbands - why do they misguidedly think they always know best - my usual answer is 'OK mate if you're such a bleep expert, carry on and do it yourself' he either does or leaves me alone. He has occasionally been known to try and tell me how to use the sewing machine - almost grounds for divorce that one!!!!!!

Joyce said...

I hope I never become a "captive elderly" and have to resort to the techniques you describe!

Lucy said...

That shopping arcade sounds like a pretty nightmarish place!
The tourettish outburst sounds like a good plan; but perhaps it wasn't a ploy, he just couldn't stand any more?

Linda G. said...

I just read your post aloud to Eeyore, well.. not the Hitler part:)
We both had a good laugh at escape routes for the elderly! I sniggered in private re: men in charge.

Linda G. said...

By the way, that's a beautiful rose. Is it called Peace?

smilnsigh said...

GOM needs to find something else to 'manage.' Surely there is some sort of "please-give-your-free-time" thing, which would be glad to make use of his services...


meggie said...

Hi All, I am sure Gom could find some volunteer work, but he seems reluctant to do so. Though he was such a perfect publican, he is at heart rather shy, now, & would only go if I went with him, I suspect.
I think on the whole, I have been the one to make most adjustments throughout our marriage, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Now I have to tell myself no one will lose a limb or life if I cant find a tin of pineapple in the pantry, because of his obsessive rearranging! Leo has become his shadow, & whereever Gom is, he will be there. Gom even stays home, so Leo wont miss him!

Mary said...

Meggie - you are predicting my future. J will be just like GOM - I know it.

I have been waking around 5.00am each morning - the first year this has happened. In other years I would certainly wake up early pre daylight saving but this year - 5.00am on the dot. Blast it.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I laughed and laughed at your post.. ah, so much to look forward to! (NOT!!) Sometimes our quilts do tell us to send in the "frogs"... it will undoubtedly be time well spent in the long run.

Marja said...

It's nice to go your own way. My children just had holidays and I had a few days of and it is nice. Funny the elderly part. My mum is not captive at all though Except that she is a bit slower she still travels and does a lot she likes.

david santos said...

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ancient one said...

Your house sounds so much like my house...LOL