Friday, October 5

What next?

This is what I have been doing. I am a little disappointed with how the centre blocks seem to look overwhelmed with the surrounds.

It actually looks brighter in reality, than it appears in this pic. It currently measures 36" X 42". I intend it for a child, so dont want it too large, but it needs some border I feel, & I cant decide what to use. Black & White might look good, but I dont really have any suitable fabric.

Suggestions?? Ideas?? All appreciated.

And yes, I know it has mistakes, but they are my mistakes, & I like them!!

** **
I noticed a de lurker badge in my travels, & it seems there must be a lot of readers who come this way, but never leave a comment. Quite a few do send me personal emails, & I do appreciate those.

I am not fishing for compliments- if this is the blog you 'love to hate', that is fine. But I really would like to know who you all are.

I am surprised to see there are now 75 countries who have visited here! Allowing for the fact that a lot of visits may be accidental it still seems a mind boggling number of people.

I notice some replies I get from my comments seem to come directly from the comments on the blog, & I would like to know how to do that? Is there some special way to do it?

**** Much Later...

We have been off into the township, so Gom could have his hearing aids checked out. It took quite a while, as he was due for a compelte re check, & so I wandered off to look at shops. I found a nice piece of fabric in an op shop.

I bought the paper to read, & some crayons to keep here for SG to use when he comes to play.

I also discovered walking out in the 'fresh air' was quite hazardous! I was innocently walking along behind a very elderly man, when I more or less walked into a wall of stench! It was so bad, I had to stop to recover! He must have been feeling bad!

Then when I got to the car, I wound down the window, & quietly read the paper. Another dear old chap passed beside the car & Whammo!! There I was, with a car full of gas- not the type you ever want in your car!

Last week, I passed a shop with lovely shirts, & wished I had time to buy a couple. Revisited this morning, & it was truly a case of "She who hesitates, Is lost" as there were none of the ones I liked left, nor were there any others I would choose to own!

Not my day, perhaps. But it is lovely & sunny, & not too hot. The fires are all under control, so that is a good thing.

Paul Simon, Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.


~Bren~ said...

Your quilt is darling...I don't see what you see. Nothing about the center block says anything different than the rest. The sashing and border compliment it nicely. Another border may take away from that. I would have said chinese coins for a border using the fabrics in the quilt, but the sashing and exsisting border already read that way...too much of a good thing is no longer good. I say it stands on it's own. Just MHO.

Mike said...

My wife loves to knit and I like to do wood working. We have often discussed the fact that we both are our own worst critics. Seems that if you create something, you notice every little imperfection that most casual observers would never notice.

Jess said...

(disclaimer: Not an artist or color-sensitive person)
I'd go with the navy. (or is it dark purple? Sometimes my moniter is funny...but that seems like it would frame it very well. Maybe a border twice as thick as the ones used for the frames?

Not sure exactly what you mean about replies on comments - could you rephrase that?

We call that 'Marsh Gas' at the hospital, as in 'Don't go in there, the air's blue.'

There's another Delurking Day coming up the end of December-beginning of January.

Stomper Girl said...

I think what you are asking about is if you get your comments sent to you as emails and if the commenter has an email address as part of their "blogger profile" (not everyone does)then you can just reply to the email and see the original comment and the post it aopplied to.

Jess said...

See, Stomper G, that's what I thought. But doesn't everyone have their comments sent to them as e-mail?

I need the instant gratification.

M, if this is what you mean, there is a space on your comments page (under Settings tab) where you can fill in the comment notification address and any comments made on your blog will be sent to your home addy.
Clear as mud? Let me know. (sigh) I usually know what I mean, but often noone else does.

Unknown said...

I like visiting the laptop and seeing the comment on the blog - rather than reading it in an email - that's just me.

I can just imagine being a small child sleeping under that sunshiney quilt.

You have inspired me to do a post at some stage of the quilts I have bought (no way could I make one!)

crafty said...

Yeah, I don't like to have my comments in my email either, just look at my blog.

Wow, Meggie you have been getting so many awards! Deservedly so of course.

The quilt is pretty, I think I'd go for the mid-purple in the border, but I'm not sure about my moniter because last time you asked a colour question, I saw the colours a little differently to how you described them.

Marja said...

Kia ora
I absolutely adore your quilt. I love the bright colours very much and think it is perfect the way it is.
Oh and when one thing goes wrong everything seems to go wrong. As long as when things go right everything goes wright too.
Have a nice day.

meggie said...

Hi All, I think I get the comment thing now- if I tick the email notification I will get emails. At present I just check the blog. I rather like to do that, - the child looking forward to the unknown treat- but on the other hand I do often think I would like to reply individually.
I really admire people who reply on the com box, as it is fun, for everyone to be 'in on it'. I dont always get the time to get back to all the comments on time.
But thankyou for enlightening me, & for your attention!

Unknown said...

Meggie - the reason your block centres look overwhelmed is the stripes in the sashing - HOWEVER - I don't think this detracts from it at all, not one little bit. It's for a child and kids love bright things - it's perfect for purpose. As for an outer border do you have any leftover fabrics from the 'log cabin strips'? If so a pieced border either piano keys or just random bricks of colour all around the outside would be great - you could then bind in the stripes to pull it all together. Whatever you decide it will be a fun and funky quilt and will be much loved I'm sure

meggie said...

Anne, as a great admirer of your quilts, I find your advice welcome. I do have some of the fabrics left from the 'fake' log cabins, - which were intentional- & I had thought of bricks. I just want to add a little to the size. I dont have any of the purple left- used it for my beloved Granddaughter's quilt, but I am sure I could purchase something similar. I really debated with myself over those sashings, but popular family opinion won the day.
Never mind, it will warm a small heart, I am sure.

Ali Honey said...

Yes Meggie, I can see what you are seeing( especially if you squint up your eyes)the dark blue is the darkest fabric by far.

Could you repeat the idea of the log cabin by putting a big log cabin in two colours around the outside( just like you did around the smaller blocks)?

meggie said...

Ali, that is a very good suggestion. However I dont currently have any of the dark purple to use, but I may have something similar. I will probably 'test drive'some options.
Thanks for your input! This is where I miss having a group, to shout suggestions!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meggie,
I've read all the comments on what to use as frame and border for your quilt. I would be completely different and use one of the bright yellows for the frame and something bluey/purple for the border. The yellow frame will 'balance' the quilt. I do like the colours and pattern you have chosen. Any child will love those colours.
Cheers for now,

Joyce said...

I think you quilt is beautiful and any child would love it. I like one of the lighter blues for the border. Or you could put several narrower borders using all the sashing colors. Or you could do piano keys. Or... I know, no help at all.

corry said...

Hoi Meggie! your quilt looks fabulous! I love the colours you used. Maybe you can use the same colours for the border too, ending with the darkest colour to frame the quilt!

Melinda said...

Beeyootiful quilt! My grandmother made quilts for each of us and even quilted blankets in miniature for our dolls. I have a whole case of doll clothes she made. They are such treasures to me. I have absolutely no advice as the crafting gene completely bypassed me. :-(

Joni said...

I don't see any mistakes either but you sound like me. For some reason the violet color jumps out at me the most in this quilt. Maybe you could add that to a border. It is a lovely quilt Meggie fantastic job!

Tanya Brown said...

I've often wished that everyone except me had an implant which made their gas turn a bright fluorescent green. That way, one could see the clouds hanging around as one went about one's day and avoid them.

molly said...

You have such lovely colours in your quilt, any one of them would work as a final border. I'd stick to one colour, maybe one of the darker ones, though, to avoid making it too busy....

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I like th idea of framing (as with a border) this precious quilt with one color, preferable on of the darker colors. It's wonderful as it is, no worries about the centers being overwhelmed, it is destined to be well used and well-loved.

I hate the 'snooze and lose' shopping trips, it happened to me last week with a pair of shoes! boo-hoo

Birdydownunder said...

nice quilt. Join all the left over border bits together and bind withthose.

ancient one said...

My nose doesn't work well any more. That's probably good, huh? I miss a lot..LOL

But I find perfume extremely irritating. Isn't it funny how that works?

I like your quilt.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks lovely, but if you really want suggestions for a border I think I'd use the striped fabric along its length, like a frame all around, and then the dark (is it purple or blue) as a final border.

But I know NOTHING about quilting, and think it's beautiful just as it is, too!

Quilting Kim said...

Meggie - I think the quilt looks lovely just the way it is. Do you want to add a border just to make it bigger? If size doesn't matter ooops, did I say that?), I would leave it as is and call it done! I would use some of those bright colors for a scrappy binding, just to bring them to the outside and tie it all together.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Meggie! I love your quilt -- and I don't see any mistakes. You must be being too critical! I didn't understand your comment question, but it looks like you've got it answered now. I guess I didn't realize that you've been answering comments in your comments -- I hardly ever have time to return to the comments. It's all I can do to keep up with new posts! ;-)

Jo said...

Meggie, I don't know anything about quilts, except that I like them, and yours is gorgeous. I can't see anything I would do to improve it. I absolutely love the colors. I think any child would be thrilled with it...!


z-silverlight said...

I read your blog on a regular basis. Even though you live on the other side of the world. Some of your misadventures are so like those of my family.
The quilt is fine. The extra border is a personal choice.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello - love the quilt, If you wanted to add a border, perhaps a solid, one colour border in the pink or blue that you've already used? I think it looks lovely as it is though.
Kim x

Knot Garden said...

The stripes are a strong feature on your quilt, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I think they complement rather than overwhelm the blocks, and remember kids like bright colours.
I also wanted to say I love the honey pot on your previous post.

Anonymous said...

Nice quilty work! I'd add a narrow border the same size as the strips round the rectangles in a dark colour then a wider bright colour. Maybe blue then orange because I like how they work together.
PS you know there are no mistakes in quilting, just design decisions.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Meggie !

Cute, cute quilt ! As for adding a border, I would simply add a dark blue, or pinkie one, without piecing it in a special pattern. Just plain and simple, the quilt is "busy" enough and this will enhance the beautiful work on colors... But that's me, and my "lazy dazy" side, I guess !LOL

I use to read my comment on my yahoo email, which allows me to directly answer from it, any comment I get (assuming I've got the tme to do it).
Some comments, however, are still set on a "no reply" mode... too bad !

Have a nice weekend !

Hugs & smiles,

Pam said...

Love the quilt too and also love the teapots, particularly the blue one. Thanks for showing your... pots (is there anything rude about saying this? I'm becoming slightly neurotic...)

Tanya said...

No, no, no! I love the quilt! The colors are beautiful and the border goes so well the the framing! I love using stripes going this direction in a quilt (it used to be I only had them going longwise...) How about just turning under the striped border and running stitching around it. I've done that quite a few times when I don't know what to do with binding.