Monday, May 25

A Further Rat Story!

Tequila Sunrise. What a perfect rose. Every time I see it, I fall in love with it again.

An Award I was given by Catalyst, of Oddball Observations.

Thankyou kindly Cat.

There are rules to go with this,

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Do take it if you would like it, as I break rules & dont often pass these along. Not that I dont appreciate them, just that I know some folk don't want any tags.

But by the way, do go to visit Cat- he has posted a delicious recipe of his wife's for Chicken Piccata! It sounds so delicious & I intend making it tonight.


Today is my eldest son's birthday.

This was taken by a friend of his, who was a newpaper photographer. He was only about 22 then, I think.

This was taken last time I saw him. He had almost died & is a different person to who he was when he was young. His life has changed in so many ways.
I phoned him this morning to wish him Happy 47th birthday! Gulp!
Where have the years gone! He is so proud as he is a memeber of APRA (Australasian Performing Rights Association) because he has had one song published, & produced on a compilation album, & now has a further 4 songs he has written going on another album.
Well Done.

Now to the latest Rat Tale!
Last night our dog Leo, who sleeps in the lounge, began frantic barking. Hysterical barking one might say.
Gom got up, to let Leo out, since we dont have a doggy door, plus we tie him up at night, to stop him sneaking into our room. Leo continued to go nuts out in the yard, barking frantically, on & on.
Gom got him inside, & shut the door, but Leo continued to be frenzied, so Gom let him out again.
Then Gom put the outside light on.
Now please bear in mind, Gom sleeps bare!
Imagine a large naked pink Gom standing out in the night air, staring with astonishment at a rat, staggering round in circles, with Leo batting at it as it went.
Then the rat fell down, so Gom grabbed Leo, rushed him inside & shut the door again.
Grumpily got back into bed. Then had a stab of compassion. What if the rat was suffering? He couldnt leave it out there like that, so he got up once again, & went out to see what the rat was doing. It was not a large rat, in fact quite a small one, compared to our usual rodent visitors.
Leo was whining away because he was missing out on the action. Gom was gingerly loading the rat into a plastic bag, & disposing of it over the fence to our garbage bin area. He said he drew the line at racing down naked to bin the thing!
Gom said he had refreshed the baits downstairs & upstairs so I guess mr Junior Rat had come to dine. Thank goodness this one is safely in the bin, not the boot of our car, or a bucket of water, or the ceiling cavity!
I had wondered why Leo was making such a ruckus & this morning when I let him out, he raced about the garden in search of his 'playmate'.
I wonder if it is coincidence that Gom is a Rat in the Chinese horoscope? Rats seem to have featured in our lives, quite often, over the years.



Sunnie said...

Yes, Meggie, these ARE Life's Free Treats...a lovely rose, a handsome son, a good story, a beautiful song!
That rose is so gorgeous....I think I can smell it here all the way over on the other side of the globe!

Anonymous said...

What an wonderfully uplifting post. You should bottle that good feeling you emit, you'd make a fortune. I adore thatrose, wonderful colours.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

First, your son. (Wow) He looks happy. I'm sure you are proud of him.

Second, the Rat. (Eek!)

Third, GOM nekkid. (Speechless)

Fourth, GOM in the garden nekkid and with a rat. (Weren't the neighbors already awaken by the barking?)

Haha. Great post.

Catalyst said...

Meggie, I've seen that rose on your postings before but it IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

Secondly, the image of GOM out chasing that rat in your yard . . while perhaps not beautiful . . was wonderful!

Warty Mammal said...

Beautiful rose. Happy birthday to your son!

GOM in his birthday suit with a rat = excellent burglar protection.

Mary said...

Gorgeous rose!

Dear GOM!

fifi said...

lucky it wasn't too cold when he went out to the rat!

Lovely son, well done on his composing success.

Joyce said...

That is indeed a perfect rose. Happy Birthday to your son.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday to your very handsome son Meggie!

ancient one said...

Happy Birthday to your very successful son!!

Gom in his "birthday suit" running around with a rat ...LOL

The rose is beautiful...

Enjoyed this post!

Anonymous said...

Your son is both dashing and sensitive looking. Oh, and I hate rats, as pertains to your other tale.

Maggie May said...

Lovely photos of the roses.
had to laugh at the rat scenario.
If you'd like to see mine, visit my post *Are you squeamish?* Where my (possibly) last ratty story is documented.

ThirdCat said...

such a warm and beautiful post (though not too keen on rats even from this safe distance)

Henri said...

What ? No photo of the naked , but triumphant GOM holding the rat by the tail Haha

The Sagittarian said...

That rose is truly lovely, I refuse to have any roses that don't 'smell" in my garden - there's nothing more disappointing than thrusting your nose into a rose and getting not a whiff!!

Sheila said...

Your rose is beautiful Meggie.
I have no luck with them at all.
Happy birthday to your good looking son, surely you are too young to have a 47 year old..?
My hubby seems to think he is invisible when in the nuddy, and would porobably have done the same as Gom.
After I'd bagged the rat of course!
Thanks for the good wishes, he must be getting better, he's making me crazy..!

Jeanette said...

Gday Meggie,, OHHHHH I just love the vibrant colours in the rose ive already written the name down to try get it. Happy birthday to your Son.EWWWWWW A rat.

Kitty said...

I know I'm late Meggie - a belated happy birthday to your son - here's to many more.

Loved the rat story - our cat is so rubbish at hunting, I bet she would have just watched it!


Anonymous said...

Man, that rose is absolutely stunning!

Selina Kingston said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Meggie!
You're cleary a proud mother and one that misses her boy x

Christine Thresh said...

Your son is so handsome.
The rose is beautiful.
What can I say about Gom?

heartinsanfrancisco said...

What a gorgeous rose. It looks a lot like a Peace Rose, but even more so.

Your son is quite gorgeous, too. Congratulations to him on his successful songwriting career, and to you for encouraging his efforts all these years.

Lovely post. It makes my day.

Veronica said...

Mmmm, well the image of GOM out there naked and chasing a rat around the garden is quite something first thing in the morning.... yikes!

Stunning, stunning rose Meggie - and of course the Eagles - at least as stunning!!!

Happy Birthday to your handsome son - may he enjoy many, mnay more. With warm wishes to you my dear friend, Vxx

Pam said...

Indeed - what a lovely young(ish) man he looks. Many happy returns to him.