Monday, May 11

Further Thank You.

I began this post with the photos, plus a headline. Then Blogger decided to post it! GRRRRR!

I had not done any of the text, & had only managed to upload the pics, with much fiddling about, to get them in the order I wanted them.

I must be slowing down, or the colder weather is befuddling my brain is messing with my reactions.

The big news of the day is, my lucky draw on Uberstitch's giveaway, arrived from Florida.
Woo hoo! How lucky am I?

Gom went out to walk Leo, & came racing up the stairs with this wonderful parcel. We had heard the dogs barking, but did not realise they were barking for anyone so close to home.

I was so excited, but I waited until Gom returned, as he was as curious as me, to see the contents. How perfect is that? Old patterns for wrapping. I used to work in a shop, where we used outdated patterns for wrapping!
Just look at this lovely little book- Pam must have known I love miniature books, & this is just darling.
I read out this quote to Gom-
"If you know a friend has had a bad day, take her out for coffee or maybe dinner."
Look at the lovely contents, of the parcel. Two dish towels by Orla Kiely, which Pam intended using to make a bag, but she ran out of time. Hmmmn perhaps I can manage.
And look at the lovely fabrics.
So different to anything I have in the sad old stash! I will have to get my thoughts together to decide how to use them.
The lovely wee card had a very nice message inside, & all in all, I am very thrilled with my wonderful "WIN". Thank you so much Pam!!
Just a little mention here for Geta's Quilting Studio. I urge you to go & visit her site, if you love quilting. She has the most wonderful quilts & projects.
Her work is just beautiful!
I hope all Mothers out there in Blogland had a wonderful Mother's Day.
I had a lovely weekend all round. We had family for our Granddaughter's 20th Birthday get together.
Our son who lives in OZ came to stay for the weekend, so that was extra family to love & have the pleasure of the company.

Crowded House, Distant Sun


Kitty said...

What a lovely parcel of gorgeousness. x

Tanya said...

That quilter is amazing! How does she do it? I couldn't really figure out her technique... Boy! Would I love to do something like that!

fifi said...

oh, I'm SO envious. I love Orla Kiely anything, and I SO can't afford it! Plus i think the other fabric is that Annamaria whatshername, which i also covet....but I have no sewing machine so its rather pointless lusting after it at all...

Lucky girl!

Jeanette said...

Gday Meggie.
What a lovely parcel of fabrics to recieve in the mail, and all wrapped in an unused paper pattern and tied with pretty ribbon.

Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely giftees there! I loved the Eighties Ladies video, I hadn't seen that in ages and ages. And thanks for the dedication to me!

ancient one said...

Great surprise in your mailbox... don't you just love winning a give-way... it sure makes life fun... Glad you had a good Mother's Day and birthday for your granddaughter... Life's good!

julieQ said...

I am so glad you got great mail! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day.

Finn said...

Hi Meggie, what a lovely parcel you won *VBS* I'm tickled pink for you. They look like true treasures. Enjoy each one! Hugs, Finn

lovelyprism said...

Aww that was very nice, I'm sure you'll make good use of it. I'm glad you enjoyed mother's day weekend :-)

The Sagittarian said...

It's great to get 'real" mail isn't it! My Scowly Teen and her school friends ahve started just writing to each otehr as they are bored with email! Parcels are great and I think you deserve the wonderful parcel you received. have a lovely day!

Sheila said...

What a nice pkg to get in the mail.
Full of good stuff too. The little book is a nice bonus.
I hope you had a good Mother's day, it sounds like you did, surrounded with family.

Sunnie said...

There no joy quite like receiving a package in the mail!
(and you are not alone in being "prematurely published"...Blogger got me, too!
But it was easy to just go back to "Edit" and continue...nothing was lost, thank goodness!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, presents from afar. How special, and simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! How very exciting and delightful.

ccna said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

jh said...

Those are some really great pictures of kangaroos. Looks like you had a beautiful time. Love reading your blog.

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