Wednesday, May 13

A Perfect Day

If you look closely at this pic, the Kangaroos are all standing, apparently at attention, looking toward the Lake.
Like a guard of Sentinels.

Such a beautiful scene of Lake MacQuarie, which was so calm & serene, it was almost surreal. As we watched the fish jumped in silver flashes, for some invisible targets.
The shadows were getting long across the grass, by the time we visited, this wonderful Parkland.

Autumn in New South Wales, Australia, really can be, the most magical of all seasons.

The weather can be crisp, totally without humidity, with gorgeous sun, clear blue skies, & no wind.

We were invited to share a day out with Mr & Mrs Nice Neighbour.

What a beautiful day it proved to be.

We were driven, in total comfort & luxury, to meet up with Mr & Mrs Lovely Ex-Neighbours.

We lunched out, at a Country Club, which was lovely, relaxed, & with delicious food. To say nothing of the laughs, shared with friends!

Then we proceeded to a 'market', with lots to see, & some bargains to purchase- Leo got a new toy. I got some much loved Cashew nuts. Yum.

The highlight of the day was yet to come.

We went to visit a beautiful Reserve, with Parklands.

Wild colonies of Kangaroos. So friendly, & so natural.

The scenery was just beautiful.

I was in animal heaven. I fell in love with every Kangaroo I met!

"I am so safe here with my mother. She protects me, & shields me from all ills!"

Mrs NN taking some photographs of Kangaroos. That bulge in the closest mother, to Mrs NN, contains a baby, who has just ducked back inside the pouch!

"I am the Perfect Mother!"

Happiness is a crust of bread! I just love the way their front paws act like hands.

They were so tame, & seemingly trusting. It was lovely to see them so close.

This seems to be some accidental frame that was taken with this photo of the wider field of the Roos. I am still learning about my camera, & it's settings!

Look at this adorable mother & baby, the mother accepting bread from Gom.

"My sad eyes." The proffered bread was offered to some other Kanga.

This was a Buck I took great interest in- he had lost one eye, & his left ear was snagged quite deeply. He was a smaller Buck than the dominant male of the group, & it appeared he had suffered as a result. I wished a Vet could have checked him out, as his missing eye appeared to be weaping. He made himself very bold with our little group. This is Mr NN feeding him bread.

Here a cheeky Magpie, who came to strut & wait for morsels which might be missed.

It really was a lovely, golden day out. We love seeing the Kangaroos so relaxed, & friendly. They are not restricted to this Park, by any fences or gates, but they remain, as if they know this is a sanctuary, & they will not be harmed.
'Up Close & Personal', they are so appealing it is very hard not to fall in love with them. One tends to forget they are wild animals, & as such can fend for themselves, & live a quite different life from us, with our domestic animals.

David Gray, This Year's Love


Pearl said...

Hello Meggie, we've had some glorious days over this side too lately, your photo's of the roo's are wonderful, very clear.
I think the one with the heart shape is perfect. :)

persiflage said...

It sounds like a perfect day, and the kangaroos are so beautiful and interesting. Lovely photographs.

Kitty said...

What gorgeous photos ... thanks so much for sharing. I've never seen a kangaroo - I've seen wallabies, but never a kangaroo. x

ancient one said...

Thanks for sharing your perfect day... I throughly enjoyed it... I can't even imagine being that close to Kangaroos..

The Fool said...

Love the baby 'roos...and there is so much seemingly said in their eyes. We don't have those wonderful creatures in my neck of the woods. *envy* Mr. Magpie is a local resident though, and I have been trying to capture him in my viewfinder lately, but have only recorded blurs and tail feathers. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

Christine Thresh said...

What a "lovely golden day" as you said. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Your photos are marvelous.

New Yorker wannabes said...

Ohhhh they look so cute! I just wanna hug all of them lol

I love it when you post pictures with animals Meggie!

Wish you have a great day :)

jovaliquilts said...

Oh my goodness, I had no idea you could get so close to kangaroos! Awesome!

lovelyprism said...

Aww that looks so wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Helen said...

Morning Meggie - thank you for sharing your "perfect day" with us, I know cause I was there...It was just like you decribed even better!

I couldn't have wanted nicer company to share my day with - I was wishing the day would never end & sure our ex-neighbours felt the same.....

Pauline said...

thanks for the up close kangaroo visit!

philly5113 said...

Wow such excellent close up of the roos. I especially love the one with the 'perfect mother' caption.
Isn't it great to spend time unfettered with friends. That was a very nice thing and very good of you to share.

Thimbleanna said...

What fun pictures of the kangaroos Meggie. I'm amazed that the mothers were so trusting with their babies!

Catalyst said...

I'm with all the rest. What wonderful photos of your kangaroos! Great job, Meggie!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

It's nice to see some photos of your natural fauna.

Lucy said...

One of those days that lingers in the memory.

The kangas are so lovely, with something of deer and something of squirrels, such soulful faces and adorable 'hands'!

The Sagittarian said...

Great pix Meggie, those 'roos really did lok friendly and trusting. We got to pet some at Dreamworld, the kids had a blast! (Once they got over being scared that is...)

Granny J said...

I would love to have been there with you, Meggie!

Tanya said...

I loved seeing all your kangaroos!! Ah, how exciting! The only things around here recently are snakes...

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Seeing your Roos was so fun.
Thank you.
Your photographs have made me fall in love with the Roo...I too love the babies in the pouch...So cute!
Autumn for you looks to be amazing.

Ian Buchan said...

Nice pictures, Meggie. I once saw some roos and wallabies at a wildlife park in Port Douglas, QLD; they really are in a class of their own. Recently on Rottnest Island, WA, I encountered the small marsupials, the Quokkas -- cute little chaps, but streetwise too, one came into the kitchen and tipped over the rubbish bin to get at the scraps! Another was taking a drink in the shower.

Ali Honey said...

I enjoyed your photos Meg and I'm glad you had a lovely day.

What an exciting parcel you recieved - you'll have to tell us some more of the sayings from the little book.

Pear tree cottage! said...

It is lovely to be visiting you again and your photos are so much fun! Kangaroos have a harsh side of them too but you would not think so standing there looking at your photos.........see you again Lee-ann

Pam said...

So glad you had a perfect day. Not too many of them in the average life, so hurray for recording them - and sharing them.

VioletSky said...

What a great way to spend the day with friends - making friends with the 'roos!