Wednesday, October 3

No Jugs.

Isabelle, showed us her collection of jugs, & suggested we might all like to 'Show our Jugs'.

I only have 2 jugs, & only one of them is 'blogworthy'.
I do have a very small teapot collection. Completely useless I would suspect, though one I have not shown here, does get used when earnest tea drinkers, such as my Beloved Brother or Aunt come to stay.

I am no tea drinker, unless it is the herbal variety, & those come in tea bags, so only a cup is required.

This little blue teapot insisted I bring it home with me. I am not a blue person as a rule, but the shape & the petiteness of this just appealed to me. Besides it was only a paltry dollar.
This teapot with 2 mugs, appealed to me, because they have owls on them. I do collect owls, & I fell in love with this . It was in new condition when I bought it, but I chipped it when I brought it home. I still display it, in the kitchen.
Who could resist this sweet little couple- Gom & Meggie. New in it's box, I suspect it has never been used. Another garage sale find.

Here is the one fascinating jug I have, with it's little sugar bowl. They feature tiny cobs of corn.
This honey pot is not my usual 'thing' but I had been making a quilt with insects & bees, & I just fell in love with the little pictures, on it. Surprisingly, Gom likes it too, & he is also very tolerant of the teapots.

It seems the Spring has decided to just move right on into full Summer mode.
There are bush fires raging already, it is fearfully hot, & there have been high winds today, which have aggravated the fires.
We have news a friend is stranded on her way home from the city, & may have to spend the night away. The Freeway has been closed, & so has the Railway line, because of the smoke pollution.
The past few days have been extremely hot for this time of year. Yesterday I had SG for the morning. He was his usual little joyous self, & we played together very happily outside, then inside as it grew hotter.
He is very proud of his new tooth that is coming through, & keeps checking for more 'wigglies'.
Today we had a lovely visit from our now adult Granddaughter, & it was the first time she had seen Leo's new sleek look. She declared it very nice, & it is timely, with all this heat about.

Leanne of the Stitching Room tagged me for a meme. It doesn't appear to have a name, but perhaps I will call it Seven Truths.
These are the rules:
1 Link the person who has tagged you
2 Tell seven true things about yourself
3 Tag seven new people
4 Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it
1. Even my missing teeth still ache sometimes!
2. No matter how hard I try, complex mathematics will remain a curious mystery to me.
3. If I can help someone in this life, even if it is apparently unappreciated, I will never regret it.
4. Some of my life's seemingly worst tragedies, have had silver linings, which may have taken *&%@!$# yearsa long time to become apparent.
5. Some people are just sw!ne, & nothing you can do will change that fact!
6. Bad hair days will happen. Nothing you can do, can ever prevent that from being a fact.
7. No matter how tolerant you think you are, there will always be things that will p!ss you off so severely, you will be stunned!
Now I am supposed to tag 7 more hapless victims Bloggers for this exercise.
I tag
Marja, who seems to think she has tagged me. I will be in touch Marja
Mary, who I read with interest.
Mike, who is so outrageous I can't stop laughing!
Stomper Girl, This girl really rocks! She has the most gorgeous kids- next to mine of course, & thousands of others, but....
Joyce, Whose wonderful quilts just inspire me!
Aunty Evil, Who can resist her wicked sense of fun!
Connie W, Who is such a gentle lady.
There are so many I would like to cite, but 7 is the number.
I do hate to limit myself, as everyone on the blog roll at the side here are daily visits, & I love to read them all. Along with others who do not feature here yet.
Please, dont feel obligated to do this meme if you would rather not. I will not sulk nor shun you! I know sometimes there is a groan attached, but it is just for fun, after all.
Neil Finn, Secret God


Mary said...

Dear Meg - thank you for tagging me. I may not get to this straight away - and my problem would be finding seven to tag who haven't been tagged already - so I may just confine myself to seven truths.!!!

And I love the little blue jug

Jess said...

What a nice thing to find on the table in the morning - that blue jug is lovely!
'Round here I have a collection of creamer jugs that we use for milk at the table (the kids pour for their own cereal)
None of them cost me more than fifty cents. Aren't thrift shops wonderful?

Lee said...

Nice jugs.

smilnsigh said...

Ohhhhhhh I LUV the Owl set!!!!!!! Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.

Sorry about the weather.

P.S. Did I say I LUV the Owls? ,-)

Joni said...

I enjoyed looking through your teapots! I am not a hot tea drinker either but enjoy seeing the little pots. I bet Leo is thrilled with the new haircut now if it is that dreadfully hot there. Blech.

Mike said...

Hey..nice jugs (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Thanks for tagging me. I have already responded to it.

Thimbleanna said...

I've enjoyed your teapots Meggie, especially the blue one. And even though you didn't show us both jugs, I'm definitely comforted in knowing that you do, indeed, have two!!! LOL!

Melinda said...

I love the little blue one best. I have a Hot Chocolate Set my Grandmother gave me. It is so lovely.... browns and greens and creamy whites. But I've kept it boxed up because it is SO lovely I know Abby will want to touch it and I would be devastated if something happened to it. I'm hoping she will soon outgrow some of this exploring phase and I can display my lovely jugs! :-) (shut up Aunty).

corry said...

I had to look the word jugs up in the dictionairy. I'm learning new english words every day, that's why blogging is so good for me (lol)!
The honey pot is really lovely!

Marja said...

Thanks for the tag Meggie, but I did the same one a short time ago
(Click tags on de sidebar) And get the hell over to me to collect your award. I was to lazy to list all names. I tagged all my favourites on the blogroll for the award because they all HIT THE MARK for me. So Congratulations with your award

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love the teapots, you have a great collection. Your personal revelations were fun and informative!

ancient one said...

Sorry it is so hot there. We suffered the heat most of the summer here. We had a couple of nicer cooler days, but the heat is back. It was senior day at the county fair and we went for about 90 minutes. Checked the animals of course and the exibits, and the old village. We soon headed back to the car and the air conditioner... Loved your answers to the meme... also your teapots and jugs.

His Office, My Studio said...

I have my mother-in-laws tea pots and tea cups. My mom saved some of her mom's tea cups which my sister, brother and I split up last year. I am lucky to have them and always enjoy looking at them.

Tanya Brown said...

I'm a teapot kind of person myself; I approve of your collection.