Sunday, October 28


I have lost the art of posting!
A little time this morning, & I have been just procrastinating. Finding other fidgety things to do. Catching up on emails I owed answers to, trying to sort out where in the ether my letters to my cousin have been going.

Our Son B came up yesterday, to stay the night with us, & collect something, which we will take back with him today. I loathe the Freeway, -I am a clenched 'cheek' passenger, & can barely walk once we arrive at the destination. I suppose I should sieze upon it as a good opportunity to improve the pelvic floor muscles, & be glad I am so terrified!

Put me on a plane or a train, or even a bus, & I am fine. But put me in a sedan car, & I just want to be anywhere else on the planet. Gom is a good driver, with a good record. Only 3 minor accidents, & none of them his fault. I really dislike the fast pace on the Freeway, the thundering semis, the racing fools, usually with P plates on the bumper. I will be glad when the day is over.

I would suspect they will also be glad when this day is over, & they can sink into their respective beds. Those two never know when to stop. They never seem to realise that you can have too much of a good thing.

It has become a ritual, they go & play pool at the Club. Which is fine by me, & can fill my time, & it gives them a chance for father/son time. But they invariably lose track of time. Which is also fine by me, but not when other family members are to be considered.

As is usual in these situations, I get to be "Piggy in the Middle". I get the blame heaped upon my head. I become Mrs Poos for the day, or weekend...

Our Daylight saving has kicked in today. Just in time for their monstrous hangovers! I saw it was somewhat after 4am when a lurching mumbling figure came into the bed, fully clothed, & muttering "I love you, you know" Yeah right!

Quickly resisting the urge to strangle him for being so foolish in his old age, & suddenly notice Leo is missing. Honey is giving gentle little woofs. Nothing loud or panicky. No Leo.

I get up to investigate where he might be. I hear a muffled little bark. Assuming he is downstairs with Son, I go down to check. No little dog. Light blazing in the bathroom, but no dog. So back upstairs & check out the back door. Which is wide open to the night, outside light blazing away! No dog. Back downstairs, open the front door, which is unlocked, outside light blazing, one small sad looking little dog, waiting to come inside! GRRRR!

Luckily Leo is a real homebody dog. If that had been Honey left forgotten out there, she probably would have run away off over to visit one of the loves of her life, Mr Nice Neighbour!

Just wait till those 'naughty boys' get up. They might get a bit of toungue lashing! I know Gom will be horrified as he dotes on Leo. It seems to be mutual.
I can just hear them now. Each will blame the other. All is well that ends well I guess.

I am puzzled as to what is going on with my skin. I am sure the problem is not cancer, - it is near my eye, so it better not be!! I think what the Dr meant, was it might be some early keratosis thing, which of course is 'not exactly cancer'.
It is a little strange & may even be an allergy type thing. Though I dont wear eye makeup these days.

I do have another area of keratosis which is going to come off this week. Nothing alarming, just routine. You cant kill weeds you know!

I had better go & 'gird my loins' in preparation for the coming journey.
I had better try to mend some bridges in the family communication stakes, too.

Thankyou so much for all your kind wishes regarding our SIL. He is still to undergo further tests, & is still unwell, but not enough to warrant being in Hospital. The pain level is much reduced after his antibiotics, but says he knows something is 'not right'. It is a worry for everyone, but nothing we can do, except wait for further testing.

Buddy Holly, Raining In My Heart.


Mike said...

We have incidents like that with my little dog. It worries me that someone is going to forget about her some night. I'm good to remember her, but there are some others around here that don't pay attention.

Hope all turns out well with your eye and your SIL.

Ali Honey said...

If there is any justice Meggie they will both feel awful when thay wake after their escapade.

Hope the face thing goes haven't been near my dentist with latex gloves have you ( or your one? )

meggie said...

Mike, little dogs seem so much more vulnerable. The great Dane 'Pony' we met yesterday would never have to worry!!

Ali, I actually thought of that, but it a long gap since I had the tooth surgery & the development of the eye problem. It seems to be worsening, which is a bit off-putting.

riseoutofme said...

Oh Meggie, I can understand this "dry well" feeling with regard to posts! And Molly too!

As for the wonderful, overhung males and their antics .... theres another book there!

Hope your skin sorts itself out ... it may just be a change of seasons thing.

Stomper Girl said...

Aw. I think it's kinda nice he staggered in telling you he loved you!

Aunty Evil said...

Hi Meggie, thanks for your warning in your last post. I had to stay away until I found a new heading in your blog! :)

I am sure you will find just the right words (not angry) and the right look on your face (not angry)to get maximum mileage out of last night's episode to cause the most guilt on those men. You wouldn't be a woman if you didn't! :)

Joyce said...

Hopefully GOM wasn't too hung over to drive. I'm not crazy about freeways either and I did find the ones in Australia narrow and dangerous. I hope you get your eye problem solved soon. There are enough things in life to worry about already without health issues.

Tanya said...

Well, it sounds like you had a tough day! I guess I could take most of it in stride except leaving Leo outside! (That's why Tetsu claims I love the animals more than him!) If something happens to one of my animals when it is an honest mistake, well ok, but I can hold a grudge when someone is being irresponsible. All well that ends well and I'm glad both Honey and Leo have you to look after their interests!

Alice said...

Meggie - I hope you got there and back safely and the trip wasn't too traumatic.

Also hope your skin/eye problems heals quickly and permanently.

And last, but not least, let's hope test results for SIL will find the cause and cure for his illness and pain. A very testing time for you all.

Lucy said...

Odd that Leo is the homebody and Honey the wanderer, it's usually the boys who wander stupidly off - as the GOM and son episode illustrates - and the girls who have the sense to stick close.
The drunken protestations of love indicate a dawning prick of conscience anyway!
Hope the skin thing gets better soon, and post just as and when, it's supposed to be a pleasure not an obligation.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I rather procrastinated in giving you this award but I finally got the deed done. Come over and collect it.

Linda G. said...

If I had to rank my fears, freeways would be at the top of the list! I'll have to remember the pelvic floor muscles as a positive, the first I've ever heard, for venturing out amongst the topedoing tin:)

ancient one said...

Freeways are the worst!! I like back roads but tend to get lost on them.

I hope the skin thingy is just a keratosis. And hope it will be easily removed. I know that having it so close to your eye is worrisome.

Hope your SIL gets well soon!

And I loved your idea about posting lies to the meme.

Mary Johnson said...

Yikes, glad Leo didn't run off.

I had a skin *issue* last winter right under my eye that took forever to clear up. I finally decided it was my poor southern skin adjusting to living in the frigid north! Hope they'll figure out what yours is soon.

Oh yeah, meme's - I stopped doing them a while ago except for one that Deb sucked me into but that's the LAST one!

Angie said...

ROFL howling with laughter!!! (For the first part of this post LOL)! So glad poor forgotten Leo didn't decide to go take up residency at someone else's house! Sending healing thoughts and hugs to your SIL, and just plain ole warm 'love ya' hugs to you, my dear friend!!! :D