Tuesday, October 23

Warning! Boring, Infuriated, Rant Ahead.

I hope that whoever gets elected next into a position of "Power" over State, or Federal Coffers, would choose to spend money to help to address the disgusting state of the Hospital Systems.

I am sure it is a hopeless dream on my part. It seems to be some sort of worldwide malady. A reluctance on the part of the greedy rotters slurping at the troughs of power powers-that-be, to spend any money on welfare services, such as our ailing hospital systems, or, our ailing systems for the protection of children-at-risk.

Son in law was discharged from hospital this morning. After being on the Urgent Surgery List. He was assured he could NOT go home before Thursday, & since he remains undiagnosed, & his tests all indicate infection, & serious problems, he would have to undergo further scans, & tests.

Then, suddenly it becomes a choice of 'turf someone out, who is not exactly dying', so that some other person can lie in his bed. He has been told to return immediately on increase of pain. They still dont know what the hell what is causing the infection, & the warning tests. He is on painkillers & antibiotics. One Doctor told him he wished he could take his case on personally. Another told him 'Dont mess about if the pain increases again, come straight back!'

Nurses were livid. Citing those "Crazy stupid little b*tches, who take Ecstacy, knowing the dangers, & then take up beds genuine sick people should be occupying". They could not believe Sil was being discharged while still so sick.

Yesterday Gom read in the paper where the Coalition' which is the Federal Govt has given a Quote, "grant of 6.5 Million Dollars to the Bradman Foundation to assist in establishing a cricketing hall of fame at the Bradman Musuem at Bowral."

Apart from the fact that I disapprove of the Idolisation of 'sports' people, I was stunned & all the cuss words in the world could not begin to express the disgust I felt at that news.

The same newspaper carried the story of the little boy, whose naked body was found in a suitcase, in a pond. His mother has been arrested for his murder. He had been reported "at risk" repeatedly, to the understaffed, underfunded, useless toothless tigers appropriate authorities. Once more they failed. Lack of staff. Lack of funds. Another life snuffed out, so needlessly.

I happen to know, as most Aussies do, that Sir Donald Bradman had a child who was born with 'problems'. I am sure he would have rather seen that funds dedicated to the no I cant say that in public Museum in his name, could be spent on the protection of innocent little lives of children at risk.

What is the world thinking, to Bankrupt our children's future? To Bankrupt our Health & Welfare Services?

In the still of the night, I can see why so many people are depressed.
I can see why so may people give up.
In the still of the night, I taste despair.

And this evening we hear the news of a millionaire, who dropped dead, whilst out for a run, aged only 42. Money wont buy life.

But it might prolong life, if spent in hospitals, & on services to protect children.

John Denver, Country Roads


Tanya said...

Yes the horrendous amounts of money spent on sports. On stupid TV programs, that's my pet peeve. The hospitals in Japan are in sad shape too. They've got the technology but not the heart that goes along with it. Too busy, too many patients, too understaffed and too plain burned out. I hope your son-in-law can have get some rest at home. Sometimes I think I'd heal better if I didn't even go near the hospitals and their waiting areas, lines and short tempered staff.

Anonymous said...

Your thinking sounds fairly logical to me! I hope that your son in law recovers quickly and fully.

Joyce said...

I agree that too much money is spent on sports not only at government level. It happens at high schools here too. The sports teams never have bake sales to get money to play elsewhere but the art tour had to be totally financed by the students. Not fair.

riseoutofme said...

I wonder, sometimes, have human beings finally lost the plot?

The accumulation of wealth and self aggrandisement seem to be the priority for a great many people.

Whatever happened to "love thy neighbour as you would yourself" and all that entails?

Whatever happened to "cherish little children" and nurturing tomorrow's world?

Whatever happened to "to thine own self, be true"?

I wonder do the powers that be sleep well at night?

I hope your son in law's spirit is strong enough to battle through.

Take care.

Jess said...

I know this is not your rant but I sometimes wonder if I can ever go home again...back to the States, I mean.

The current (and I say this lightly) powers that be are seriously bankrupting the US's health care system.

I've gotten used to Canada's system (which really isn't that much better than yours, really) but it's a HELL of a lot better than no health care system at all. (USA)

I'm so sorry SIL had to go home. Is your daughter in law taking care of him today?

Knot Garden said...

Your opinions always make such good sense to me. I hope your SIL is going to be okay.

Catalyst said...

Wait a minute! Do you mean to say that Alex Rodriguez isn't really worth 35 to 40 million dollars a year?


Mike said...

I thought we Americans were the only ones with messed up hospitals.

I whole-heartedly agree with you on the idolization of sports figures. It's freaking nuts.

My float said...

It's stupid, stupid. When my son cut his hand, the triage nurse was examining it just as a doctor - walking past - offered to look at it.

Afterwards the nurse said, "You should buy a lottery ticket" and I replied, "Yes, we're very lucky it wasn't worse."

And the nurse said, "No, I meant that you were lucky you got to see a doctor."

What kind of stupid medical system is this anyway??

I wish SIL a quick and full recovery. Curses to the politicians. Applause for our good nurses and doctors.

Tanya Brown said...

This sounds like a horrid situation. My heart goes out to you and your family, and I hope that an accurate diagnosis is made very soon.

Aunty Evil said...

I feel sorry for SIL. It's tough to see people who really need the bed/operation/medical attention go begging because they aren't on the dole or sponging their way through life.

With this (hopefully) change of government we have coming up, we might see some improvements...or will we?

velcro said...

How is SIL doing? The NHS (National Heath Service) over here isn't much better. The docs wanted to send my 88 year old grandfather home (to an empty home with no help on hand) a few days after he had a massive heartattack. As for sports..they are willing to spend millions of pounds on the f***ing olympics, and we won't get into how much they've spent on Iraq & Afghanistan. I'm off to chuck some plates about :)

tonypark said...

People in Africa can't believe the state of our (Australian) health system when we tel them some of the things that go on.

I once worked out how many hospitals could have been built for the cost of Sydney Olymnpic Park.

You don't want to know.

tonypark said...

People in Africa can't believe the state of our (Australian) health system when we tel them some of the things that go on.

I once worked out how many hospitals could have been built for the cost of Sydney Olymnpic Park.

You don't want to know.

ancient one said...

Hey... your SIL should have started complaining right away about being in more pain...before he left the hospital.. (I'm joking when I say that...)

My GS worked for awhile in a USA eye doctor's office. He said that doctor told him there were many other things he could do to help people, but the insurance company forbids him to tell the patient, BUT, if the patient brings up something else he can talk to them about it.. The patient has to initiate the exchange...

Which brings me to my mom who was at the skin doctor's office. He was freezing small cancers... She had a couple of things on her face she wanted removed just because they were ugly... She asked him if he could take them off... He asked her a series of questions ...Is it growing? Does it itch? Is it uncomforable? And mom answered truthfully no to each question... He said your insurance will not pay to have it removed...

When I got her in the car to go home, I told her what my GS had told me about insurance... I told her next time to say yes to everything he asked and he could remove it as being suspicious looking...and the insurance would pay for it..

By the time we got back for her 6 month's check-up... there was a small change in one of the things she was concerned about... So we pointed it out.. and he asked all the questions again... and she said yes, she thought it was changing, and sometimes it did itch... etc... So that day those were removed and the insurance paid...

So maybe my comment about immediately complaining with pain wasn't a joke...??

I personally think the insurance companies and the pill pushers are controlling the lawmakers. They are all in bed together and I personally think the doctors and care givers have little control any more!

Linda G. said...

I will continue to pray for your son in law, Meggie.
It is amazing to me too, the emphasis placed on self-aggrandizement by people who have it in their power to do good in their own communities, countries, or the world, as well as the way sports and movie stars rise to a status of Deity-like proportions in the eyes of many people.

Unknown said...

Tell us about it here in the UK with the 2012 Olympics on the horizon and yet a hospital within probably 10 or 15 miles of the area set aside for them has over 90 deaths due to MRSA and CDiff over a year or so - the world has gone completely mad and the politicians don't seem able or willing to follow common sense. Hope your SIL is okay and has no recurrence - as we say in Yorkshire it really makes you angry enough to spit feathers!!!

Judy said...

You say your piece well, Meggie, and I'm sorry to hear that life - and sickness - in
Australia is quite similar to life and sickness in the US. I hope your SIL gets the help he needs.

Stomper Girl said...

So true Meggie. Our PM is obsessed with cricket though, I am not surprised at the way he has determined where the money should go. I hope SIL recovers soon.