Friday, April 6

Easter Weekend

Yesterday, daughter J & I went to the Parents, & Grandparents Morning Tea at the Pre School that grandson D attends.

There was a good showing of both parents & grandparents, & the children looked like they all had fun. It was an optional Dressup day, so there were a few rabbits, several Batmen, & a couple of pirates, a surgeon, some fairies, a clown, & a Superman. Also a Zorro, & a Spiderman.

Here are some of the children dancing around, with the 'Teacher'. He is so good with the children, & they had a lot of fun singing their songs, & dancing for us. D is on the extreme left in the circle, & his little friend Sione, is holding his right hand.The sandpit was a favourite place to play, & though grandson D was camera shy, I managed to get some other littlies, busy concentrating.
It was a very nice fine & warm day. After a morning tea, which was nice, we parents & grandparents made our getaway, while the children all went out for an egg hunt.
Today is bleak, wet, & cold. I am not sorry it is cold. It is ideal sewing or knitting weather, though I cant say I have done either.
We had grandson D here for a few hours, today, as his father is working all day, & his mother had to work this morning. We played cubby houses, & cuddled up, seeing it was so chilly.
The area we live in is classified as a Resort, so the shops actually have licenses to open on public holidays. I feel very sorry for anyone who has come here to spend the weekend, because the forcast is for rain all weekend. And heaven help anyone who wanted to camp, as it is very wet.
We are used to having our son come to stay for Easter, but he wont be here this weekend, so tonight it is just GOM & I. I am cooking a stirfry of prawns for us. One of my favourites.
Hope you all have pleasant weekends.


I realised I hadnt tagged anyone else for the Real Women Meme.
I dont know if anyone is left out there who hasnt done it.
But here goes, Angie, Lois, Mrs Goodneedle.
If you would prefer I could suggest a letter to go with my Alphabet idea.


Cynthia said...

it's always nice to be able to share in some of the activities that Grandkids (or in my case, nieces do) at pre school or school. Just last week i went along to watch my two nieces (age 5 and 8) do a school organised 2km Fun Run.

caramaena said...

Now that looks like one cool sandpit!

They have a grandparents day at my son's childcare centre too. I've never been to one mind you.

Joyce said...

I think it is very nice that the pre-school teacher is a man. There needs to be more men in primary and pre-school education, especially with the number of fatherless families that are out there now. I'm not sure why there are so few but I think they should be encouraged.

Molly said...

I hope that you have a pleasant weekend too. The morning tea with the grandchildren looks quite fun. The weather is cold here today too. I am off to clean the house as both sons are coming with their families, which includes our only granddaughter. She is two. Take care. Happy Easter

Sheila said...

As a Grandma I enjoy attending the school events too, and the kids like to see us there. Showing us everything,as if we would have no idea ofwhat it was
I find that so refreshing.
The kids here look so happy. Have a great Easter with your family.

Tracey Petersen said...

Some days you just know that life is bliss, that sounds like one of them. Special day with loved one, perfect weather for sewing, prawns for dinner...can it get any better?

LBA said...

Mmm .. stirfried prawns - very posh !

Love that sandpit - looks like an excellent environment.

Whereabout do you live, Meggie ?
For some reason, I always assumed Sydney-ish ? no ?