Tuesday, April 3

Nobody Told Me....

This is the 'pretty', to precede the 'ugly' of this post.
This is a jug, of 'Czecho-Slovakia' origin. I love it. I originally bought if from an Antique shop for NZ$5, to use as a pot plant holder. However I fell in love with it, & kept is solely for pleasure & admiration. I love that it is fine porcelain, & is beautifully painted. I love the shape & the colour. I also love that there are differing paintings on each side of the jug. It is made for right handedness.I am left hadned & love that the picture is different on each side of the jug.
This post is not about lovely porcelain, but it is really about the menstruation agony of so many women's lives.
Nobody told me about the excrutiating monthly pain I would experience! Nobody warned me of the rush of uncontrollable blood that would pour forth from my vagina each month, as my urterus shed it's unused uterine lining as the eggs went to waste.
Nobody painted me a picture of the passage of nature! Why!!??
I have so many hideous memories of the menstrual misery. No one enlightened me to the awful reality that would be my lot in adulthood.
And here to break the tension is another lovely platter. A Royal Doulton of Nastursiums. My Grandmother's, Grandmother Christiana, & I love it dearly .
And the supper cloth embroidered by my Grandmother Florence. Who loved hand work, & crochet & embroidery.
And thence to more hideous memories... blood, flooding uncontrollably from the vagina. Pain, unbearable. Consult the Dr. HRT, the recommended treatment. Bah!! Didnt work.
I remember my mother telling me of her 'flooding', feeling horrible.
"O Mum," I told her, "You dont have to put up with that, see your GP".
She duly did, was given the "Pill". Had one more hideous period & never again!
She was fine, No more trouble. Lucky Mum!!

More pretty. A cup, saucer, & plate from my mother. Blossom, a favourite of mine.

And this, from my paternal grandmother Florence. A lovely Aunt gave me this set from her mother's collection.
And back to more "Ugly".
I never was warned of the ugly side of menopause. Who knew,....
you get hideous flushes ..so hot you think your brain is on fire in you very head!
You lie out on tiles - slate tiles,- to try to cool your brain, body, & everything...even your hair is on fire!!
Sweat pours from your body, your scalp. and every concievable pore you have!
You change your garment 4 times a night! You mutter, to the tiles you are currently emcumbent upon, Why why , I thought this can be controlled!! I advised my Mother FCS, Why cant I get relief????
And you return for HRT, and it had minimal result. You find ,at age 64, you still suffer unbearable attacks of bloody hideous hot flushes!!
I have run out of pretty! I have resigned myslef to uncontrollable attacks of hideous hot flushes, the type which makes time stand still, & the mind freezes, & you surely wish you were good & bloody dead!!!


Pam said...

Thanks for your kind comment about my father.

I so sympathise about your ladies'-plumbing problems. I had terrible period pains up till I had the children. But the menopause passed with no symptoms. At least, I hope there are none waiting in the wings.

It would be easier to be a chap.

caramaena said...

Ugh, sounds like a wearing time for you. Hope it eases up soon.

Joyce said...

Your china is gorgeous. I really like the one with the pink trees.
You need to come to Canada in the winter. Ten seconds outside and you are cool (freezing cold) and it's back to sleep for the night. Even in summer we normally only have a couple of really hot days at a time. I have been in Australia in Feb and I believe our winters are easier to deal with.

LBA said...

1. I love the "Blossom" set too, lovely.

2. - i've never had a trouble with the former, although I know those that do. Because I never had a problem with the former, I thought I must have had a super-human resistance to pain and that childbirth wouldn't hurt me a bit - HA ha HA ha HA ha HA !

3. - i've heard about the latter from my mum, and it sounds like pure shite. Again, i'm asserting the 'childbirth' denial, and hoping the worst of it passes me by.

Good luck :(

Lily said...

Yes. Thanks, Eve, I hope that was one really delicious apple. On the other hand I wouldn't want to be a man and have to walk around with one of those "things" dangling in front of me all day.

Tanya Brown said...

LOL! Liz said it all. So sorry about the menopause unpleasantries. It sounds even more "fun" than the menstrual cycle. I can't wait.

Looks like you have some lovely porcelain pieces. You've inspired me - I'll have to photograph my teapot collection before I pack it away in the attic to protect it from my toddler.

molly said...

This made me laugh! Because I had it in mind to post something along these lines. Now that you've paved the way--was leery after my recent mention of male parts!--I'm gonna do it! Stand by....

meggie said...

Hi All. I once told a Dr I felt it wasnt worth being a woman- & that was years before menopause!
My mother never had hot flushes- & if my grandmother did, she never talked about such things. I tried patches, pills, & in end I wondered if they have prolonged the hot flush thing.
Yes, would love Canada for the cool.
Look forward to reading your version Molly.
And, I am sure not everyone gets the hot flush thing. Perhaps a touch of the 'insanity'? haha.

Sheila said...

Unfortunately the symptoms you describe, could be cynically called Life's Free Treats..!
I've been very lucky, but my sister, only a year younger not so. She sleeps with ice packs in the winter, and we live in Canada. Have you tried homeopathic/naturopathic remedies..? They often help when conventional medications don't.
A woman's lot is often not a happy one...

Sheila said...

BTW...I meant to add that I love the china..!

Ancestor Collector said...

I just love all your pretty china! I have some lovely teacups and teapots that I may just have to turn into a post of my own. Stay tuned....

About your ugly: well, at almost 54 I'm still waiting for it to begin. I'm starting to think I will be the oldest living fertile woman one day! Why is it that some women sail through this time of life and others are so bothered by it??? Although part of me is eager to be done with the monthly hassle, I'd rather not trade it for no sleep and lying on slate floors! I do hope that won't be the main use of our bathroom renovations (see my post from yesterday). The tile man is here today...maybe I should ask him if his tiles are menopause rated!! Hahahaha!