Tuesday, April 17

What the??

What is going on with Blogger. It seems to have reverted back to the old blogger? How very odd. And how very frustrating.

This is, I hope, because I cant see it, a pic of one of my Camelias which are finally flowering for me. Last year they had about one flower each, & I was very disappointed, but this year they seem a lot happier. Perhaps the rain we have had, has coaxed them into bloom.

We are having our Grandson for the morning today, & we had him last evening. He is such fun, & does make me smile, with his cute ways. He had a bath here, & afterwards went running out to the lounge, holding his towel up high.
"I cant let anyone see my boobies" he said, clutching his chest, & letting his towel drop.

It is looking like a nice day here, so we might take SG & the dogs to the waterfront. He loves to explore & examine the little shells.

He is a fussy eater, as I have mentioned before. He does love Macaroni Cheese, so his mother provided that for his tea last night. I can remember it was one of my favourites when I was a child, & my Grandmother made it beautifully.

GOM tends not to like Pasta, so I usually only make it when we have visitors for a meal, since I still seem to suffer from the old 'making enough for a family'.

I often have fish when GOM has steak, because I strongly dislike red meat, & GOM likes it. I dont mind, but there are times when cooking 2 or 3 differing meals in the evening are just a pain.

And the Pantry Vandal strikes unexpectedly, & I cant find my ingredients. I was making a fish dish which I do for myself, on Sunday evening. I love all my vegies, so I lay the fish fillets in a dish, with a few drops of Sesame Oil, so they dont stick, & then layer the vegies- whatever I have on hand, & usually plenty of greens, such as Zucchini, beans peas, broccoli & finely sliced carrot, & some times spring onions. I use a Ketcap Manis sauce & a dash of Soya & Mushroom sauce or Oyster sauce, sometimes a little chilli, or some Chinese Five Spice, & seal it all & cook it slowly in the oven or microwave, depending on how hot the day is.

Imagine my (silent) rage, when I discovered the Sesame Oil had disappeared! Vanished! Deep in the pantry I could be heard plotting the rearrangement and/or removal of various appendages of the GOM. Some were going to be tastefully displayed on the now-to-be-replaced balcony railing, as a warning to other males not to tinker with women's Pantries! Some might have formed a necklace or even a hat!

However, just as I was about to burst forth to roar, I found the Sesame Oil, in a very unlikely location. And I simmered down, but cant help wondering what sort of joy or satisfaction GOM can get, by endlessly rearranging the contents of the Pantry. I have learnt to look in ludicrous places for my cooking dishes. I have learnt that odd things seem to end up in the fridge. But the Pantry is a major bugbear. I have to keep reminding myself it is not a major fault. I suppose it could be said it is a hobby.

He rather likes me to get in here on the computer. He realises a 'few minutes' can turn quickly into hours. And it gives him free reign in the mysteries of the Pantry.
Another of his recent passions, is rearranging the freezer. If I want something I ask first. Now we have another freezer downstairs, so he can amuse himself down there, restacking & piling.

Yes, marriage is give & take. You never know where or what is going to happen next. Well, in our marriage, at least!


Joyce said...

At least your pantry and freezer are probably neat and tidy. Maybe you could hire him out to quilters who want their sewing rooms organized!

Diana said...

You had me laughing out loud with your pantry re-arranger! My husband doesn't rearrange-he just puts things back into the most unlikely places. Then I'm spending more time tracking down things I need than actually cooking them. Getting him his own freezer is a great idea--let me know if it works!

meggie said...

Joyce, I wouldnt let him near my fabric, or sewing goodies! He would 'thin them out, cull all the odd scraps'!
Diana, I havent dared to look in the downstairs freezer- my gaze might dislodge something. LOL.

The strange thing is, he was never a 'neat freak', until he retired.

Tracey Petersen said...

Well I guess all men need a hobby. There are hobbies far worse than keeping the pantry tidy!

Quilting Kim said...

Meggie - Your stories are always so entertaining. I love the music too, it's my kind of music - so relaxing. That Camelia is just the most gorgeous color - and you make us think that you don't have a "green thumb"

Fiona said...

Sounds just like my Dad! But look on the bright side, at least you have a pantry - something I would love to have.

Jellyhead said...

It is so funny to read your outraged story of pantry interference!

My husband's favourite trick is to open up to THREE jars of jam or vegemite or whatever, so that we have 3 of the same item on the go at once. Drives me in-SANE!

Cynthia said...

beautiful photo of your Camelia. If i see anything not in it's correct place in the pantry i have to immediately put it back where it belongs. Fortunately this doesn't happen very often.

Linds said...

I shrieked with laughter at your mumbling and muttering in the pantry, and I can SO identify with you! My husband could never understand why I needed to keep things in particular places, and tried to bring his "logic" into play. His comment about patchwork was the best though.... he told me that "cutting up all the fabric was a waste of money, as it shrank when I sewed it all up together again". I should just use the big piece. The man knew NOTHING!

Sheila said...

Oh Boy, is this what I have to look forward to when mine retires..?

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, thanks for the visit-I fill the freezer and my DH is in charge of finding stuff at the bottom as i can't stand the sound of ice! this makes for a few home incidents as well!Cheers, Tracey

Stomper Girl said...

Is he just baiting you with this pantry-rearangement or does he think he is restoring order to chaos? How funny. My fella is great for defrosting the fridge but he wouldn't even think to touch the pantry unless he were searching for treats!

Tanya Brown said...

Grrrr! Hiding the Sesame oil? That's grounds for lashing with a wet noodle, or perhaps rubbing liniment in the husband's underwear!

I recommend taking a cherished pan and various other necessities and keeping them under lock and key so you'll have a continency plan.